Topics: Chicago, Broadway theatre, Musical theatre Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: June 25, 2014
Raven Davis
Professor M.
Intro to Theatre
June 25, 2014
Chicago Response

The film Chicago is largely based on the Broadway musical of 1975. The said theatrical show ran for approximately 936 performances. It was the best project of Bob Fosse who had actually choreographed and directed the original Broadway production of 1975 plus had won an Oscar in a successful manner for his excellent direction in 1972 of the film version of famous Cabaret. It is to be highly noted that he died much before actually realizing his dream version. On the other hand, characteristic jazz choreography style of Fosse is evident in a successful manner throughout the 2003 film. The realistic elements of Chicago – the film accounts for the direct impact generated by the long anticipated production influences on the film. However the theatrical facts have it that writing out the numerous staging conventions of the film with the traditional aspects in it were the main contributing factors for the film’s success. The fact that the musical lists were staged sequentially along with the song variations and the comic elements included within them portrayed the theatrical attributes of the film. The subsequent editing of the scenes by the use of sketch patterns and drawing models was another aspect that gave vent to the theatrical features. On the contrary, majority of the songs were based on characters such as Texas Guinan, Helen Morgan and Ted Lewis that distinguished the real life aspects from the reel ones. Eddie Cantor and Bert Williams were also the focus of the song lyrics. The incorporation of the double snap basically highlighted the afterthought of Fred Ebb which was eventually used in “Razzle Dazzle” as well. A few finger snaps were added later on to the song as an example. Such modifications in the theatrical concepts of the staging style played a crucial role in the success of the film. On the other hand, scenes in "real life" were actually filmed with a hard-edged starkly...
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