Responce Essay - Mcguinty's Legacy Is a Green Nightmare

Topics: Renewable energy, Wind power, Fossil fuel, World energy resources and consumption, Energy development, Wind turbine / Pages: 6 (1461 words) / Published: Jun 3rd, 2013
Mcguinty’s legacy is a green nightmare
By Margret Wente, The globe and Mail, February 2, 2013
As our population grows and our society advances, there will be an increase in the demand of readily available energy. Fossil fuel based energy sources are costly, non-renewable and cause pollution, however wind energy has become the potential solution for all of our energy problems, or so we thought. McGuinty’s legacy is a green nightmare, by Margret Wente of the Globe and Mail explains that wind power cannot be considered green when manufacturing these energy sources is ultimately corrupting the environment and its wildlife. The article also explains that wind energy is too costly and impractical; it states that Dalton McGuinty’s green energy act is based on a series of false principles. She believes that the emissions from fossil fuels are not contributing to global warming and we will not be running out of these non-renewable sources any time soon. Wente additionally comments on the wellbeing of the wild life and how unfair it is for them to be removed from their homes. Obviously there is no perfect source of energy, every type of energy has its pros and cons, however in the case of wind energy many argue, the pros greatly outweigh the cons, these pros include being an environmentally friendly, renewable and economy benefiting source of energy.

The developing issue of global warming has got Canadians looking for ways to reduce greenhouse gases and become more environmentally friendly. To help reduce Canada’s pollutants the Canadian government has turned to wind power. Many argue that wind power isn’t environmentally friendly, they are concerned for the wild life that must now share their habitat with these giant turbines. Wente states “Turbines chew up birds and other flying things, and they disrupt wild life” (Globe and mail). Although this is true, the negative impact on these animals is insignificant compared to other threats, which surprisingly include

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