Respecting Others Religions

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                                                                    Respect others religions 

    I think it is very important to respect other peoples religions because it can create a conflicts between people, perfect examples of conflicts because of religion are the wars that go on in the world today. You must be conscious and respectful when talking about other peoples religions, insulting someone else's religion is insulting something very meaningful to them and also insulting them. Just because people do not share the same religion does not make either more or less smart,pure,evil.If you look at the bigger picture, most religions share common teachings,beliefs,and morals to live by such as have compassion and respect for everyone,all humanity is united,peace and nonviolence,and no killing,lying,or stealing.Another reason to be respectful towards someone else religion is because it can bring different cultures closer together. 

   Respecting and accepting each others religions means one less reason to discriminate others and less conflicts and fights. You can respect someone else's religion by trying to understand their beliefs and their point of view of the world, you don't have to agree with it and you don't need to practice it but you do not need to disrespect it if you strongly disagree or attempt to make them change their religion simply because you do not agree with theirs.  A simple way to avoid problems when or misunderstanding when going to another country is to study a bit about the basic customs and religion before you go. Also, do not judge someone by the religion they follow, judge them on their character as a person, do not discriminate them because they practice a different religion from yours because they could be a very kind and intelligent person and you will never know. 

   I think that we can all learn something from each others religions like I learned from Buddhism that the way to stop suffering is to stop wanting worldly...
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