Respectfully Agree to Disagree

Topics: Game, Video game, Violence Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Shelby Verden
Ms. Kolodzie
English 1301
Respectfully Agree to Disagree
In the article, “Be a Gamer, Save the World”, Jane Mcgonigal tries to convince the reader that playing video games is actually beneficial to the gamer as well as the world. Throughout Mcgonigal’s article, she explains why and how video games help and motivate gamers to help save the world and become better people. On the other hand, in the article “Violent Video Games Increase Aggression” author Dave Larsen has a completely different perspective on the issue. Larsen believes that playing video games can make people more aggressive over time. Throughout Larsen’s article he states that video games are too violent to do any kind of good and that if anything video games are leaving a negative effect on the individuals that plays them. Through different backgrounds of the authors, values of the authors and aspects of the game the two authors have respectively agreed to disagree on whether or not video games are beneficial to the gamers who play them as well as the world itself.

The first aspect Jane and Dave differ in is their background. Jane Mcgonigal is a highly respected speaker and a consultant best known for her open mind about the promise and utility of video games. She is a game developer who partners with real-world organizations to design games that explore the idea of real-world problems. Jane also serves as Director of Games Research and Development at the Institute for the Future. By having such a specific background, naturally, Mcgonigal tends to focus on the positive side of video games and how they can help save the world. Dave Larsen, however, does not seem to be as qualified for the specific topic. Larsen graduated from Boston University, College of Communication, where he wrote for his college paper. He has served as a film critic and a pop music critic but currently covers high-technology, research industry and consumer electronics for the Dayton Daily...

Cited: Mcgonigal, Jane. “Be a Gamer, Save the World” Writing Arguments: A Rhetoric with Readings. 9th Edition. John D. Ramage, John C. Bean and June Johnson. New York: Pearson, 2013. 464-466
Larsen, Dave. “Violent Video Games Increase Aggression.” Dayton Daily News 5 Feb. 2013, Dayton ed.: N.P. Print.
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