"Respect for Life" Ronald Dworkin

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“Respect for Life”

Taking the responsibility of becoming a parent comes with many emotionally and morally challenging decisions of right and wrong. Mr. and Mrs. Ayala have been faced with one of the toughest moral dilemma's that parents could be confronted with. Their only daughter who is twenty has recently been diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer known as leukemia. The chances of recovery are extremely slim without a rare bone marrow transplantation from a close blood match. The problem linked to this process is that the blood needs to come from a sibling, which Anissa does not have. The Ayala's have considered having another child in order to give Anissa the best chances of survival. The parents know that the best chance for her survival is to have another child which may possibly possess the matching bone marrow. Since their only daughter has lived a healthy, loving and wonderful twenty years along side them, they want to do whatever possible to save her. They know she deserves the right to live life, love, and achieve all the goals that a young lady could desire. The “respect for life” is obviously strong with these parents since they are willing to do anything in their power to save their precious only daughter. They know for a fact that their daughter should have a long life ahead of her with a lot of potential. The author of “Life's Dominions,” Robert Dworkin best describes the frustrating dilemma on hand: “If you believe that the natural investment in a human life is transcendently important, that the gift of life itself is infinitely more significant than anything the person whose life it is may do for himself, important though that may be, you will also believe that a deliberate, premature death is the greatest frustration of life possible, no matter how limited or cramped or unsuccessful the continued life may be. Clearly, the moral dilemma they are faced with is whether or not they should conceive another child solely for the purpose of saving another life.

As parents of twenty years, a great relationship and attachment is formed between the parents and Anissa. In the parents situation, they are faced with the problematic situation of whether or not it is a moral decision to conceive another child solely for the reason of saving the other child. The moral dilemma regarding the issue of the “respect for life” is set back both mentally and emotionally in completing their decision. The love between parents and a child is incredible, it is even seen in nature, one would never want to come between a mother bear and their cubs. I believe that it is human nature to want to do whatever necessary to save one's offspring. The Ayala's believe that there is truly no other decision to make, there is no other options that give Anissa a better chance of survival. The intrinsic value of Anissa to her parents clearly shows that her parents would have a hard time continuing life without their daughter. In addition, Mr. and Mrs. Ayala definitely understand what it means to have another child. I am sure they will have no problem loving their newborn child, especially since the existence of the family might rely on bringing a newborn into the world. I truly believe that by conceiving a possible miracle child, the love and family as a whole may become closer then ever imagined. Therefor, if the family understands the possibility of the worst case scenario and is still fully committed, then I believe that the parents should fulfill their decision of conceiving another child.

Doctors today are presented with countless emotionally tolling, stress filled situations that in many cases, questions one's morals and values. Dr. Gerald Drexler, has been the primary family physician to Abe and Mary Ayala and their only child Anissa for many years. Dr. Drexler knows their situation clearly and is presented with many concerns related to the decision of what approach to take. Knowing the case and...
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