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“R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to me”
When I chose the word respect for my definition essay, and asked my mom what I should write about, she started singing an Aretha Franklin song, which I have heard, but I do not know it that well, so I looked up the lyrics. "(What you want

Baby, I got
What you need
Do you know I got it?
All I'm askin'
Is for a little respect when you come home (just a little bit) Hey baby (just a little bit) when you get home
(just a little bit) mister (just a little bit) "
Lyrics from the song, "Respect" by Aretha Franklin
Respect is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “A feeling of admiring someone or soemthithing that is good, valuable, important; a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important serious, and should be treated in an appropriate way; a particular way of thinking about or looking at something. If someone says “he has earned their respect” I hope that it is something someone can say about me. To earn respect is a very strong statement and something I do not take lightly. Earning respect can be in all kinds of ways in a person’s life. I have a goal in every sport I play to earn the respect of other players, my teammates, my coaches, the opponent’s coaches and my family and friends. To earn that respect you know that people are saying good things about you, maybe even see you as a person that is a threat, someone to guard extra, someone to strike out. In basketball this year, I worked hard to earn the respect of my coach and my team. Earning respect, where someone admires you, knows that you are the person that can perform, means a lot to me. Receiving respect from other teams was also noticed as many times I had 2 people guarding me as they knew that I was putting my all on the court. I think the respect that the military shows is amazing. Our military will salute, showing respect to our country. If you see our military and a flag comes in, our the national anthem...
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