Resource Kit

Topics: New Zealand, Māori, Māori language Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: April 13, 2013
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Resource kit
Te Reo Maori
I have created a waiata song book, A3 and well presented on brightly coloured paper, laminated and in binder rings. I love to pull out my waiata book because I enjoy music and dance. There are some songs I know well and others which I can never remember the tune of. So in my practise I will start with something I know well which I can sing confidently to really get the children interested and involved such as ‘hoki toki’, and then I will try one I don’t know so well to try and learn it myself, sometimes even the children will remind me how it goes, for example ‘e rua little dicky birds’, because we can sing it in English first and then in te reo and I find that because it’s nice and short I don’t entirely loose the children’s attention while I stumble through the te reo version, and then we can burst into the English one again, I act like a clown in the process and the children all laugh which keeps them interested. Children’s wellbeing is nurtured every time they are involved in a positive experience; positive energy gives children self-esteem and confidence. The active use of Te reo enables children who are part Maori a sense of belonging from a cultural perspective, but also to those who are not through discovery of the unfamiliar wider world. They experience contribution with equitable opportunities to be actively involved in all of the activities that I have described. Working together as these activities are usually used presents constant opportunity for the development of both verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and one way they can meet strand five, exploration is through developing awareness and control of their bodies while taking part in Te reo song and dance.

“Opportunities for learning are equitable and each child’s contribution is valued.” (Ministry of Education, 1996, p64). I have made a resource of the five little monkeys jumping on the bed I have made it as an activity that...
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