Resource Depletion

Topics: Natural gas, Coal, Carbon dioxide Pages: 2 (422 words) Published: September 6, 2013
One aspect that is contributing to resource depletion in our communities is mining and in particular coal seam gas projects. What is coal seam gas? Coal seam gas is the name given to any natural gas trapped in underground coal seams by water and ground pressure. The most common gas found in underground coal seams is methane. Gas is extracted by drilling into the coal seam, this reduces the water pressure and the water is then pumped out of the seam. This allows the gas to flow to the surface of the well. The affects of coal seam gas extraction, that contribute to resource depletion include; deforestation, salinity levels, water pollution, carbon emissions and loss of plant and animal life. Impacts of coal seam gas include;

Water concerns
oSuch as water pollution, waste water from the process contain large amounts of salt which can then be flushed back into the waterways. Environmental concerns
ogas leaks of methane into the environment increase carbon pollution chemical leakage contaminates the land
oLoss of environment for plant and animal life means they need to find a new place to live Food production concerns
omining is happening on good cropping soil
the mining interrupts the use of farming land
use of and impact of chemicals on the soil makes it unsuitable for farming degradation of and devaluation of farming properties

One example of coal seam gas extraction contributing to resource depletion is in Pilliga. Eastern star has plans to turn Pilliga into a 1100 well coal seam gas development. The coal seam gas field will separate 85,000 hectares of forest. The project will also involve gas pipelines located along environmentally-delicate agricultural land, against the wishes of local farmers. The associated export terminal at Newcastle will threaten the Kooragang wetland. Allowing coal seam gas developments in Pilliga threatens the Great Artesian Basin with other projects already discharging waste into the Murray Darling Basin. Many...
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