Resort Strategy Plan

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The Balcaon Paradise Resort

Goals to be achieved through the plan in order of importance * New customer base development by Creating a social network following * Increase customer come back and loyalty through positive experiential feedback * Building New business partnerships through targeting

* Attracting foreign tourists through online means
* Increasing traffic to their website
The Balcaon paradise resort is a luxury resort which has established presence on most social networking websites, but has failed to establish Visibility. Target audience
The target audiences can be broadly classified into two parts, Business and leisure. Business audience:
1. Corporates for B2B sales, Conferencing
2. Domestic Work Travel
3. International Business travelers
Leisure Audience:
1. Businessmen planning family Holidays
2. Travelers, Travel Enthusiasts
3. Students
4. Foreign tourists
I. Planning
The first step is to analyze the current position and engagement strategies. We need to find out what consumers are saying about the resort and what the response is. We also need to review the resort’s annual marketing plans to ensure the social media strategic plan is inline with the overall goals and objectives. II. Socializing and engagement:

This step will involve creation of custom blogs, hotel profiles and pages on the top social media network websites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, to name a few. Dedicated personnel would provide ongoing responses to reviews, social postings and management of proven social promotions and campaigns on behalf of the hotel to ensure the consumer experience is always fresh, relevant and motivating (discounts, freebies on arrival, etc). We are assuming that The Balcaon Paradise Resort has already established presence on Twitter and facebook. But it is not reaping the desired results. We will be emphasizing on 1. How to strengthen their presence on Twitter

2. Use of Qalias for control over internet visibility
Content management
Content is most relevant to turn visitors into followers and followers into customers, clients, or regular users. In specific, the tweets will need to be of two types: broadcasts and conversations. Broadcasts : to convey information—to tell your followers what you’re doing, thinking, or have been doing until now. Tweets like these don’t expect replies. They’re meant to be informative and entertaining. These are the important element of a broadcast:

1. Pictures of the resort (including swimming pool, beach view etc) 2. Maps
3. Tourist attractions
4. Features of the hotel like conference availability, type of rooms etc.

Conversations: to spark Discussions. Questions and answers to other people’s questions and replies are obviously conversation tweets, but they can be much more subtle than that. Just writing the sort of thing that people will want to know more about can make for a good conversation tweet. The discussion as a whole can help to build a community and bring your followers—and potential customers—closer to your brand. For e.g.: Empowering the customers by informing them about a Christmas party and allowing them to vote for a theme. For marketing, you will need to keep control of the message and the subjects of the discussions. Thus we need to use broadcast tweets to make sure the information we want to share gets across. And use conversation tweets to turn those followers into a community, keep them coming back and make sure that the issues they want discussed are addressed, striking a balance between the two. We will follow a 16 step process:

Step 1| Start Catching Big Followers|
Step 2| Add more followers|
Step 3| Ask a question|
Step 4| Answer a question|
Step 5| Look for your Evangelists|
Step 5| Reel in your Evangelists|
Step 6| Do some customer service|
Step 7| Post a link tweet|
Step 8| Post...
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