Resort Reservation

Topics: Spiral model, Ishikawa diagram, Kaoru Ishikawa Pages: 5 (1354 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Chapter III
This chapter deals with the methods of research used and the methods in developing the system. It will also include the data gathering instruments, research method, analytical tools and the methods used to evaluate the existing and the proposed system. Methods of Research Used

The proponents used different methods in gathering information and ideas. This is to study how the existing system was presented and to develop a system that will solve the problem encountered in the existing system. The gathered information served as the backbone of the study.

Library Method. A method used to gather information specifically in AMA University Library. This method was used to different reading materials such as books, magazines and unpublished undergraduate thesis that are used to get some important information and idea related to the study.

Internet Research Method.A method also referred to as Online Research Method where proponents gathers information thru internet. Many of these online research methods are related to existing research methodologies but re-invent and re-imagine them in the light of new technologies and conditions associated with the internet.

Data Gathering Instruments
This instruments specify how the observation, questionnaires, evaluation, and interview may be applied in the collection of pertinent data.
Observation.A data collection method where the relevant information are recorded. The proponents observed the methods of recording the transactions between the customers and employees, and recording the stocks as well. Through this, the proponents will get some idea learned from the observation.

Questionnaire. This is the list of planned, written question related to a particular topic, with space provided for indicating the response to each question, intended for submission to a number of respondents for reply. This helped the proponents in developing a system that would meet the needs of target users.

Interview. A series of orally-delivered questions designed to elicit responses concerning information and opinions. Interviews conducted in person or by telephone, and with one employee or a group of employee.

Evaluation Form. This instrument is a form that was used for the assessment of the performance of the proposed and existing system. Evaluation form used to compare the existing system and the proposed system in terms of identified attributes of the system to be able to show the proposed system is operationally feasible for implementation.

Analytical Tools
Analytical tools were used to analyze the information about the proposed study. It describes the flow of the entire system through charts and diagrams. The following are the tools that were adapted to support the analysis in the development of the proposed system. The Existing System.As tackled in the earlier chapter, the J.A.M.S. water refilling station uses a manual system in their daily records and billing transaction, which will conclude into a much time consuming process because of its system. The process of this will be clearly explained by figures in the latter part of the document which is the Appendices. The Proposed System.The proponents developed an inventory system for a water refilling station that will manage the records, transactions and bills for the order made by their customers. This system will help the billing process and records of different transactions in a job order that would benefit that water refilling station especially the one who is in charge of the billing process without consuming much time in billing. The transaction and billing process would be faster and easier with more accurate and reliable billing, viewing of transaction and all other transactions made are stored in the database for future references and usage of the water refilling station. Data Flow Diagram (DFD). It represents the flow of data and also to perceive the data processing...
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