Resond Paper to Two Ways of Seeing a River (1883)

Topics: Mississippi River, Mark Twain, Native Americans in the United States Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Thien Pham
Sarah Breiter
English A099
6 March 2013
Two Ways Seeing A River
“Two Ways Seeing a River” by Mark Twain could be classified as both realism and partially one of its subgenres, regionalism. Realism is a genre in which facts and emotional descriptions and phrases are used in order to extract and emotional response from the reader. The style the author ended the essay with is most impressed me because it has a little bit or no relevance at all of the rest of the essay. After read all the essay, I came up with a conclusion that the author has tried to related himself to a doctor. He started that the pities doctors because the thinks they have lost the eye for beauty when examining the maiden. The author started the first paragraph that he had lost something. To me, “something” must be his ability to be in awe and impressed by the beautiful scene of the sunset. His knowledge and experience had stolen his innocence.

In my opinion, these few paragraphs are connected perfectly as well as technically masterful. The descriptive details in paragraph one was very impressive. However, I am so struck by how universal this essay is a metaphor for everyday life. I can remember myself that youthful energy and thirst for the unknown that Twain describes in him as a young pilot on Mississippi River. I realized that youthful energy was laced with naive. In a way, Twain also describe his young and naïve points on the Mississippi, and how they change with more knowledge of the river and the world. In a modern world where we race to have all the information and know all the answer of the river, it ruined it for him.
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