Resistance to Change Example

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Resistance to change 
As mentioned, McDonald’s operates a total of 30,000 fast food restaurants around the world in 119 countries including Bahrain. The McDonald’s branch in Bahrain are owned by Bahraini and operated by Mr. Adel Fakhro of the Bahrain Restaurants Company. The company has nine branches in the country. The first McDonald established in Bahrain opened on December 15, 1994.  From then on, the company has been working to integrate the employees of Bahrain into the workforce of McDonald and became an essential part of communities in which it is located. McDonald is also known to provide Bahraini clients with the great experience which they have come to know and love. Change Resistance and their Plausible Solutions

           It cannot be denied that changes attract different conflicts before, during and after its implementation. These conflicts or resistance are attributed as the main reason why changes can be successful or just a failure.  These will lead into failure if the management of the organization does not employ solutions to avoid or totally prevent such conflicts and it will lead to success if such conflicts will be given enough attention and proper solution. Thus, the managers need to have the necessary abilities not only in detecting what needs to be changed but also how to introduce the change effectively The following are resistance faced by McDonald and its plausible solutions to be taken: perception or reaction of McDonald’s employees and customers, McDonald’s organizational culture and absence of support. One of the resistances that occur is the reactions of the company’s employees and or customers. Although there are employees who are in favour of the changes for example in using Integrated Marketing Communication, some employees and managers are not in favour for such implementation.   Some managers and employees resist the changes because of the fear that it won’t help the company with the problem or it may worsen the problem. ...
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