Resistance to Change

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Employee’s Overcoming Their Resistance To Change
Webster University
Changes are an important part of organizational life. Without them, no company could keep pace with its competitors in today’s workplace. Nowadays managers are faced with an increasing amount of technological change, with advances occurring more rapidly now than at any other time in history. Ultimately, it’s these technological advances that cause society and its business organizations to change as well. The current rate of technological change has created an environment that is incapable of remaining still. Change has become just about the only constant. Organizations clearly understand the need to put time and effort into change and spend quite a bit of time trying to thoroughly analyze, design and plan for change. However, many of these change efforts fail. This failure is largely caused by employee resistance to change. To overcome resistance to change, employees must be involved early and often in the change. A major responsibility of all managers’ at all organizational levels is to introduce and control change within the work situation. If they don’t handle the introduction of new methods, equipment, and administrative policies properly, serious morale or production problems may occur. All management levels must be engaged in change management to reduce employee resistance to change.

CHANGE. It is happening all around us – in our personal lives, our organizations and the world. The need for change is constant as organizations evolve and age. The natural and normal reaction to change is resistance.  Every individual has a tolerance for how much change they can absorb. Individuals tend to verbally support the change but inwardly are hoping to stall the change until the next plan comes along. Many individuals may naturally rush to defend the status quo if they feel their security or statuses are threatened. To overcome resistance to change, employees must be...
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