resistance to change

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Ajax Minerals – Resistance to Change

Resistance to change has been renowned as an organizational challenge; however, a

comprehensive understanding of the different ways that resistance can be manifested is commonly

practiced and highly beneficial to companies. A U.S. mining company, Ajax Minerals realized just

how beneficial it is to understand the components of how changes affect all branches of their company.

Ajax Minerals recognized their organization was operating at full capacity and in the next couple

years were going to have major competitive threats from another company. If the matters of the future

challenges that Ajax Minerals were anticipating weren't addressed and handled appropriately, the

organization would be expecting to experience grave danger. What it all boils down to are the issues

concerning how Ajax Mineral organization would react regarding resistance of changes that would

ensure competitiveness and livelihood for the company. If this subject matter about how employees

and management adapt to change weren't predicted and then addressed, Ajax Minerals future looked


Ajax Minerals introduced a couple of sources relative to ensure the lively-hood and growth for

the company by addressing the situations that come along with changes being made. Ajax Minerals

concerned about the company's future; not wanting to lose business and perhaps go under, took a close

look into aspects concerning resistance to change and how going through this metamorphism will affect

their employees, supervisors, and management. Recognition of how employees and management react

to change is an essential step in the development and implementation of effective, targeted change.

Reason for why there is resistance to change, whether being positive or negative, is because

people seek stability and the fear of the unknown....
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