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This essay is about resilience, the concepts of being at risk, and the 5 Cs of competence. In this writing we are going to discuss how one can use the mentioned concepts to evaluate one’s self and overcome challenges that life throws their way, using the song ROAR by Katy Perry as an example. We are going to explore and analyze the song to try draw a clear picture about of the concepts, and find out why Katy wrote such a song.

About the song

As mentioned above the titled “ROAR”, if you could listen carefully to the song you will find that it has a hidden (figurative) meaning. The title its self is figurative because a human being cannot roar but it means that Katy’s voice now going to be heard and can stand up for herself whatever the circumstance. Going to the song the singer is addressing her soon to be ex-husband (Russell Brand), how he tried to control and change her to the person that he wanted her to be. Russell wanted Katy to be a housewife, settle down and start having children whereas Katy is at the prime of her musical career and wants to even to make it in the movie scene. So for some time she allowed Russell to dictate her life and she “….. Sat quietly and agreed politely…” to what he said. Russell is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, so he couldn’t keep up with Katy’s party hard lifestyle hence he wanted her to settle down and help him deal with his problems instead of standing and face his demons himself. But above all this Katy rised above all of this and stood up for herself( how she became a “Tiger”), now that she is no longer with him she has realized that she is more powerful than she thought and he is going to witness that (“…you’re gonna hear me roar”). Basically the song is about self-empowerment and resilience, because Katy was being walked over by Russell (“… held me down”) and she managed to get up (“…but I got up”) and how well is she dealing with it (“…already brushing off dust …), lastly he must be ready to witness that because he is going to be blown away (…you’re gonna hear me roar louder, louder than the lion…”). From what I read and wrote I picked up that despite all the fear that she had for Russell ending their relationship, she managed to overcome all that hence she is saying “I came from zero, now am my own hero”. With regards to the 5 Cs I could see that at first she had a low self-esteem because she was not confident enough to stand up to Russell, and she thought of herself as a reliant person because she relied to him to make all the decisions and that made her to see herself as an inefficient person. It is evident in the song that she is coping very well without him in her life, because she has now regained her confidence and is now in control of her own life.

When evaluating myself considering the way high risk is defined I found that I am at high risk, because of the way I deal with my stress. Financial problems faced by my parents stresses me as much as it stresses them even though they try their best to make sure that I get what I need, and When I encounter problems at home I find it hard coping at school with my work . I have a very low self-esteem and that affects my learning at times, because it is not easy to get help when you are a person with a low self esteem. what people say and think about me changes my way of thinking because it is the only thing I consider before making my own decisions and my other problem is the lack of assertiveness sometimes I don’t stand for what I believe in even when I see that I am right in that particular situation.

Critical school competencies

I believe that my basic academic skills are average because of the basic education I got from the primary and high school I am from, it was hard for me adapting in the university because everything was taught in English which was not used frequently from where I come from, but because I am a hard worker I work my way through that. The fact that I am not...
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