Residential School

Topics: Aboriginal peoples in Canada, First Nations, Cultural assimilation Pages: 3 (767 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Residential Schools: A Promise to the Aboriginal People

Shakainah D. Aycardo

Residential Schools in Canada have left a negative and destructive legacy in the lives of Aboriginal People. Aboriginal people hold the results of their ancestors long standing and their occupancy of the land. Hunting, trapping, and fishing on Ancestral lands, some examples that Aboriginal people rights. Residential Schools were established by the Canadian Government to force natives to adapt white culture. Along with the negative impact of Residential School were the negotiated treaties involving the natives and the Canadian Government. These negotiated treaties were in direct conflict with the terms of treaties.

The treaties that the government negotiated with the Aboriginal people had guaranteed the control of education on the reserves by the natives themselves. But this didn’t happen. For example is the Treaty no.4 negotiated and signed in S.E Saskatchewan between the Cree and the Ojibway and the government stated that in the area of education. “Her majesty agrees to maintain a school in the reserve allotted each land as soon as they settle on said reserve land and are prepared for a teacher” (1874). The responsibility of natives. In another treaty no.6 it states “And further her majesty agrees to maintain schools for instruction in such reserves hereby made as to her government of the dominion of Canada may seem advisable, whenever the Indians on the reserve shall desire it” (1876) Education is in the hands of the Aboriginal, it says that. But did this happen? No.

Residential Schools were government schools that took Aboriginal Children from their homes and their parents. These schools were usually run by the various churches such as Roman Catholic, Anglican or Protestant. Priests, Nuns or Ministers were in charge of the day-to-day operation of these schools.

The schools were established...
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