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Resesrch Outline

By voonyin29 Mar 01, 2012 974 Words
Research essay outline:
Title: Anti-gay Hate Crimes in San Francisco
Research question: Is San Francisco Safe for Gay People?

Purpose: I will present the problem of anti-gay hate crimes in the SF Bay Area, and I will suggest some solutions to prevent or reduce the sexual prejudice, hate crimes and any discriminatory acts.

- I will present the problem of anti-gay hate crimes in the San Francisco Bay Area, which people recognize as one of the foremost liberal cities in the United States. I will also present its negative affect on society (e.g. gay teenagers' suicide). - I will first illustrate the gay community and the social acceptance briefly, and then, I will present the ongoing anti-gay hate crimes in the San Francisco Bay Area. I will point out that the presence of anti-gay hate crimes do not only show the discrimination against gay men and women but also suggest the prejudice against any minority groups in the Bay Area.

- Thesis: The anti-gay hate crimes in the San Francisco Bay Area have to be stopped in order to prove the social acceptability not only to the homosexual men/women but also any minority groups in the Bay Area.

- Purpose:
- Then, I will give some solutions (education in sexual orientations) to prevent or reduce the sexual prejudice, hate crimes and any discriminatory acts.

1. The causes of anti-gay prejudice and violence acts (People for the American Way, January, 2003). A. Gays as enemies of faith; religious logic of anti-gay hate act. (Christian Religious Rights. January, 2003.) ♦"Satan uses homosexuals as pawns and infects us with AIDS." (Christian Religious Right. 2/27/03) ♦Killing gay men to prevent or reduce the sexual prejudice, hate crimes and any discriminatory acts. are reasonable and honorable act. (Killing with Kindness: Jay Sekulow Live radio show, February 20, 2003) ♦"Gays are behind Hitler." (, Pat Robertson) ♦Bibles condemns homosexual.

B. Homophobia (; non-religious reasoning of anti-gay hate act. ♦Reasons to be homophobia are: fear of gay who are not "normal". Low self esteem leading to a need to hate other groups. Homosexual is unnatural, and it is an attack on family.

2. Anti-gay hate crimes and discrimination lead teenagers to commit suicide (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, "Report of the Secretary's Task Force on Youth Suicide, Volume 3: Prevention and Interventions in Youth Suicide", Rockville, MD, 1989) ♦Suicide Attempts Twice As Likely For LGBT Students. (San Francisco Chronicle, January7, 2003) ♦16 yr old gay boy committed suicide after telling the truth to his parents. (SacBee. March 15, 2003) ♦"Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth are three times more likely to attempt suicide." Mental pressure on gay and lesbian high school students are very high. (Statistics from the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Jennifer Wong. February 24, 2002)

3. Presence of anti-gay hate crime incidents also suggests the presence of other hate crimes in the San Francisco Bay Area.
♦Racist Graffiti saying "White power" on UC Berkeley's Fraternity Row. (Pix5. 01-03-2003)
♦Rape of 15-year-old girl in Palo Alto being treated as hate crime against Muslim. (SFGate. Sunday, September 1. 2002) ♦Some people of color feel sense of distance and less opportunity in the society. (San Francisco Chronicle. February 11, 2003)

4. We have to educate people about homosexuality more openly to prevent anti-gay discrimination. (San Francisco State University. HIV Disease. Spring 2003.) ♦Moving beyond homophobia: San Francisco State hosts international conference that will examine anti-gay violence, heterosexism, and homophobia (Ted DeAdwyler. San Francisco State University. 2002) ♦Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Programs & Services campus community provides information, support services, and educational outreach for and about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ) people. (UC Berkeley. LGBT. 2003) ♦"Education universalizes the human spirit. Anti-gay hate crimes should be prevented by educating people." (Mara Hawit. Embracing Diversity. City college of San Francisco.2003) ♦Educate educators first about sexual orientations. (Jean Richter. Stopping Anti-Gay Abuse of Students in Public Schools: A Legal Perspective. Oakland Lambda Legal Defense. 2002)

Provide information about biological aspects of sexuality and sexual development that are not reversible as we are born, it should be recognized that gay should not be discriminated for any reason.

I will emphasize how education can expand the ways of our thinking and prevent or reduce the prejudice against stereotypes (anti-gay discrimination). I will also emphasize that hatred and hate crimes would jeopardize the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic future of the San Francisco Bay Area's society. Especially in the Bay Area, where minority population is overturning the majority's, changing the peoples' fundamental discriminatory attitude is imperative for the future of this city.

(♦ = article citation)

♦1960s to 1970s, San Francisco gay rebellion hit the highest point and gained the gay rights. ♦The following year, Milk and Mayor George Moscone were assassinated by Dan White, an anti-gay former police officer and supervisor. Their deaths and the emergence of the cases of AIDS, "gay cancer" - marked the beginning of the end of the prime. (San Francisco Public Library, Gay History) ♦Today, San Francisco is a proud gay city. More gay men and women visit Gay Parade every year and celebrate the gay community and social acceptance in San Francisco. (SFGate. 2003) ♦17 year old gay high school student murder charged as hate crime. (5-Pix, 10/18/2002) ♦Transgender teen slain by three men in Fremont. (SF Gate, 3/18/2003) ♦Anti-gay hate crime incidents are increasing over last decade. (FBI hate crime report, California Department of Justice. 2001) ♦Death of gay men/women due to sexual discrimination in Sacramento area was 635 in 2002. (SacBee. October 21, 2002). ♦Murder of gay couple as hate crime. (SacBee. March 1, 2003)

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