Reservation System of Hotel

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( The main function of the reservation process is to match room requests with room availability. Below is the detailed process of reservation: a) Conduct the reservation inquiry
b) Determine room and rate availability
c) Create the reservation record
d) Confirm the reservation record
e) Maintain the reservation record
f) Produce reservation reports

I- Reservation and Sales:
( Prior to Computerization era, the main function of the Reservation Process is only to determine Basic Room Availability. That is to say, the reservation clerk can only tell the potential guest that a room is reserved for him/her. However, the reservation clerk can not tell you the type of the room, rate honored… Nowadays, with the wide use of reservation software package programs, it is now possible to reserve a room by room type, rate, and to accommodate all the possible special requests of the guest. Therefore, the selling function shifted from the front office to the reservation department. Hence, projections of Room Revenues and Profitability Analysis became one of the basic functions of the Reservation Department. ( In parallel, reservation department and reservation agents should have sales goals to achieve which might focus on number of room nights, average room rate, and/or booked room revenue.

II- Types of Reservations:
1. Guaranteed Reservation: Insures that the hotel will hold a room for the guest until a specific time following the guest’s scheduled arrival date [i.e. Check-out time or start of the hotel’s day Shift or any time the lodging property chooses]. On return, the guest shall guarantee his/her reservation of room unless reservation is properly canceled. In order to guarantee a reservation, guests might opt for one of the following methods: a) Prepayment guaranteed reservation

b) Credit card guaranteed reservation
c) Advance deposit or partial payment
d) Travel agent guaranteed reservation
e) Voucher or Miscellaneous Charge Order [MCO]
f) Corporate guaranteed reservation

2. Non-guaranteed Reservation: Insures that the hotel agrees to hold a room for the guest until a stated reservation cancellation hour (Usually 6 p.m.) on the day of arrival. ( Reservation agents shall make sure to encourage their guests to guarantee their reservations especially in the high season

III- Reservation Inquiry:
( Guests can communicate their reservation inquiries in person, over the telephone, via mail, through facsimile, telex, e-mail… Moreover, reservation inquiries can be made through a Central Reservation System or an Intersell Agency. ( While getting a reservation inquiry, the reservation agent shall obtain the following guest-related information: a) Guest’s name, address and telephone number

b) Company or travel agency name
c) Date of arrival and departure
d) Type and number of rooms requested
e) Desired room rate
f) Number of people in the group, if applicable
g) Method of payment and/or guarantee
h) Any other special requests
( Most of the above mentioned information is used to create a reservation record.

IV- Sources of Reservations:

1. Central Reservation Systems
2. Intersell Agencies
3. Property Direct Reservation System

1. Central reservation systems:
( The majority of Lodging Properties belongs to one or more Central Reservation Systems ( A central reservation system is composed of a central reservation office, member hotels connected together via communication devices, and potential guests. ( Central Reservation Office [CRO] offers its services via a 24-hours toll free telephone number(s) [Green Numbers]. ( Hotel members of the central reservation system shall provide and exchange accurate room availability data to central reservation offices. To illustrate, central reservation offices and member hotels shall communicate (on real time) any reservation transaction. This is possible, nowadays, with the sophisticated communication equipment available. These very equipment...
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