Reservation System

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 Over the years, the internet has greatly changed the way people use computers and communicate today.  Many Internet terms have become part of people's everyday language and e-mail has added a whole new means through which people can communicate. By the turn of the century, information, including access to the Internet, will be the basis for personal, economic, and political advancement. The popular name for the Internet is the information superhighway. Whether you want to find the latest financial news, browse through library catalogues, exchange information with colleagues, or join in a lively political debate, the Internet is the tool that will take you beyond telephones, faxes, and isolated computers to a burgeoning networked informationfrontier.  The Internet supplements the traditional tools you use to gather information, Data Graphics, News and correspond with other people. Used skilfully, the Internet shrinks the world and brings information, expertise, and knowledge on nearly every subject imaginable straight to your computer.

Background of the Study
Reservation System is important for the customers to have an ease to reserve a schedule of date to the resort and to avoid conflicts of schedule of the people when using the resort.


System Overview
Resort Reservation System is designed to manage all type of Resort booking, made directly by guests. Its powerful resort reservation, marketing & merchandising features give you the ability to control dynamic room or tour allotments, distribute confidential trade rates, provide varying rates and commissions, multiple seasons, distributing last minutes rates multi-currency and so much more. The hotel reservation system will allow you to dynamically most of your resort reservation without the need for an expensive web designer.

statement of the problem

General Problem
The Leblanc Exclusive resort is having...
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