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Chapter 2
Local Literature
2B marketers are spending more than 25 percent of their budgets in the development, delivery and promotion of content, according to a recent survey run by the CMO Council and NetLine. Their objectives are to drive business leads, influence customer markets and grow brand presence and authority. More importantly, 87 percent of respondents indicated that online content has a moderate to major impact (67 percent and 20 percent respectively on what vendors they chose to work with. While B2B sales and marketing groups appear to understand the need for better alignment through content marketing needs, strategic development is still in its infancy. The survey report states that many organizations are engaged in "random acts of content development," lacking cohesive strategy. This assessment is based on findings indicating that the B2B buyer is migrating to peer-based communities and trusted new sources. The B2B buyer finds that vendor sites fail in many ways, including navigation, depth, and accessibility. SEO should be a significant component of the B2B content marketing mix; augmenting these efforts from concept to execution. Here are four ways B2B SEO professionals can better impact content marketing initiatives. As highlighted in recent coverage of the survey from eMarketer, quality trumps quantity significantly. "B2B executives have expectations for the content they consume, however, and seem disinterested in anything offering surface-level insights". Furthermore, the survey report indicated that blatantly self-serving and promotional content is a major turnoff, cited by 43 percent of respondents. Research and whitepapers based on professional association and industry input led the list of content assets B2B buyers valued and trusted most. Keyword research should be at the forefront of any content development initiative. Not only are B2B marketers looking for keywords opportunities that have demonstrated traffic estimates, but also keyword themes that have shown to resonate with their target audience as well. While Google's Keyword Tool‎ is a place to look for traffic estimates, keyword traffic reports based on conversion or other site performance metrics (like bounce rate, time on site, pages/visit, etc) are important for determining relevance to existing audience. Foreign Literature

Social media has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Initially, sites like Facebook and more recently Twitter were viewed as tools for personal communication but they and others, such as YouTube, Google and Flicker were quickly adopted as powerful channels for marketing and publicity by businesses and organizations keen to get their message out to the widest possible audience for schools and colleges, the explosion of social media use on smart phones, combined with its widening appeal across all age groups, presents an unprecedented opportunity to engage with their audience. The direct and interactive nature of social media makes it both cost-effective and powerful, providing the opportunity to communicate with parents, the wider community, and to some extent children and young people, sharing school/college successes and showcasing facilities. True, engaging with social media can be time-consuming and can attract unwanted attention or even public criticism. Even so, for many, it is no longer a nice-to-have element of their promotional mix but an essential part of it."Social media presents us with a never before seen opportunity to engage with our audiences,” says Mark Blarney Stuart, head of research at the Chartered Institute of Marketing. “The reality is that the conversation is being had anyway and at the very least schools should be looking to be a quiet observer rather than avoiding it altogether. Invest in a little training for the right people and that will help you manage the risks while taking advantage of the benefits that social...
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