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Topics: Emilio Aguinaldo, Filipino people, Katipunan Pages: 16 (3147 words) Published: January 9, 2015

Eros: A Kind Of Early Relationship For Some C.G.E.A.H.S. Students

A Research Paper
Presented to
the class of
Miss Rosa G. Payumo
Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo High School

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Subject
English IV


Chester M. Cucio

January 7,2015

Table of Contents

I.1 Background of the Study
I.2 Objectives
I.3 Hypothesis
I.4 Statement of the Problem
I.5 Significance of the Study

2.1 Review of Related Literature
2.2 Conceptual Framework
2.4 Definition of Terms


4.1 Graphs and Interpretations

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The Researcher wishes to extend his heartfelt gratitude to the following who exerted effort in making this endeavor possible:

MR. RONALD D. CUCIO AND MRS. MARILYN M. CUCIO, whose moral support and parental guidance remain unsurpassed;

MISS ROSALIE G. PAYUMO, the Researcher’s Academic Guide and also a Source of inspiration;

IV-BONIFACIO STUDENTS OF CAMP GENERAL EMILIO AGUINALDO HIGH SCHOOL (C.G.E.A.H.S.) OF A.Y. 2014 – 2015, who showed willingness and submission to the fulfillment of this Research;

AND TO OUR ALMIGHTY GOD, the number One Researcher without whom things wouldn’t be possible;

Many thanks.


I.1 Background of the Study

Academic Year 2014 – 2015 for many Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo High School (C.G.E.A.H.S.) students continue to prove that Erotic type of relationship or the popular love affair between boys and girls continue to rise at a very speedy rate. And so chances for an early experience of responsibility are heightened. What with the advent of different forms of media and its alarming influence in the minds of many young Filipino boys and girls, most especially those that are yet to establish a significant contribution to society. More than just being “in” with what seems to be a common practice for some, this Researcher is guided by what is now a famous line from a well-known cartoon character (Spiderman): “WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSBILITY.”

Involving one’s self into an Erotic relationship at a considerably early stage in life may result to the acquisition of great power that may also demand great responsibility. This reality in life does not excuse Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo High School (C.G.E.A.H.S.) students mostly those enrolled for Academic Year 2014 – 2015. The limits and/or boundaries set by self-reservation are also regarded. Even if the statistics brought about the many students who entered into this type of relationship, the Researcher prefers to look more extensively to the positive side of it.

Accomplished because of a what is best known as an activity with love, this Research may be by young students, moved by a young Researcher with the guidance of a young Academician, a Research as this is intended to be of global importance.

I.2 Objectives

This Research aims to guide many students especially the young students of Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo High School (C.G.E.A.H.S.) in the formation of their opinion regarding Erotic relationship and the overwhelming demands that go along with it. It also aims to encourage the thoughts not only of the young Filipinos but also of the adults to be better aware of the seemingly deceiving act of getting into an Erotic relationship. As a Research that is supposed to be of relevance to many, the culture of a...
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