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Topics: Scientific method, Quantitative research, Research Pages: 12 (4682 words) Published: June 24, 2013
P1&M1- I will now explain the function of research in health and social care. Good research will inform policy and practice by extending individuals or group knowledge and understanding. It will improve practice for example advances development in science, health care and medicines. It will also examine topics of contemporary importance and allows progress to be monitored and it provides a benchmark for progress to be measured against. The function of research in health and social care is to identify needs for example consulting with potential customers. The function of research is also to highlight gaps in provision so in relation to my research it would be to highlight gaps in provision people have about having an abortion. For example 32% of women reported unmet needs after have an abortion which could benefit from additional interventions from allied health professionals for example counselling sessions so the women could have someone to talk to. Another function of research is to plan provision and inform policy so for example there are now many counselling services available for women to go to after they have had an abortion so they can talk about their feelings. Research is an intellectual investigation to get a greater knowledge or understanding of events, behaviours and theories. Research is very active and systematic process of inquiry aimed at revising, discovering and interpreting facts and also for law establishment and theories. Research in health and social care is for: * Demographic which means relating to the structure of populations and prior to planning the delivery of services and establishing population patterns and statistics. * Reviewing and monitoring changes in practice.

* Hypothesis and exploring theories.
* Knowledge to extend their understanding of theories.
* Quality assurance and feedback from service user about service. * Epidemiology which explores the patterns of disease.
When health and social care professionals are planning a new service they need to do research so they can predict and plan the future. There research will focus on the demographic data such as age, gender and population size. Epidemiology investigates the cause, patterns and spread of disease. Therefore the research is very important as it is to help develop strategies to prevent and treat diseases. For researchers to find out how effective the service is and if it meets quality standards and so they can improve their standard of care it is important that they get feedback from the service users. Hypothesis is an idea or theory that can be proved or rejected by research. Statements that are made can be investigated to provide evidence that either supports the hypothesis or rejects it. So statements can be made statistics if appropriate. For example 20% of people who have an abortion are under the age of 18. This hypothesis will be researched and the outcome will either be approved or rejected as it is not true. Extending and improving our knowledge is very important in health and social care as it develops professional’s knowledge. For example research linking abortion rates to a variety of environmental factors such as a life style factors. This can help people to understand why abortion rates are higher in deprived areas.

P2&M1- I will now discuss ethical issues relating to research in the health and social care sectors and discuss the function of research in abortion....
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