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Adult Learning Theory Paper Instructions

Adult Learning Theories are an important part of who we are as adult learners. Having a firm understanding in these basic tenets of this theory will help us to be successful students in higher education!

For the Adult Learning Theory Paper assignment, you will access Liberty University’s Online Library and find an article relating to adult learning theories. After finding and reading about your selected topic, you must write a review about it using Microsoft Word. Detailed instructions are provided below. You will write your review based on the article you choose, along with the sample article, provided.

Once you have written your paper, save it in “.docx” format. (If you do not have Word 2010, a “.doc” format will be accepted.) Then, open the View/Complete link provided in the corresponding module/week, attach the “.docx” file you just created, and click “Submit.” This will send your paper to the class instructor to be graded. Below, you will find detailed explanations of each step of this assignment.

General Overview:
The first thing to keep in mind when selecting an article is the topic or concept that you want to write about. Liberty University’s Online Library is designed to allow you to narrow your search to specific topics that interest you. Attached to the assignment instructions area, you will find a sample article to show you what you should be looking for. This sample article will be the second source that you use, along with the article of your choice. When looking for an article, make sure you are looking for full-text, peer-reviewed articles in professional journals. This search should not be done in Google or Bing. All articles should be published within the past 5 years. The full text of your chosen article must be submitted as an attachment in the assignment link by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 2. In the body of your final paper, there should be 2 main sections. The first section – the summary – will simply review the main points of the topic (i.e., what the authors are trying to communicate to the reading audience). It should not include your personal feelings or opinions. In the second section, you will reflect/react on the articles. This is the area where you can express your own thoughts and feelings about how the information in the articles relates to your previous experiences and/or prior knowledge. The paper’s summary should be written in third person, which prohibits the use of “I” or “you.” Your reflection can be written in first person. Here are further instructions for how to write your paper:

Title Page

Your title page should include your name, date, course and section (centered, double spaced). You will also include a header with the Running head flush left and the page number flush right. It should be an abbreviated title in all caps and should not exceed 50 characters.

Each page, including your Title Page, should have a header but only the title page should include the words “Running head” in the header. In Microsoft Word, click Insert and then Header.


Your summary should be on a new page and say Summary at the top, center of page 2 in plain text, which means without special formatting. The Summary should be should be between 300–350 words and should include general information about the journal articles that you have selected. Present your summary in a five paragraph format: introduction, summary of article1, summary of article 2, comparison of the articles, conclusion.


Your reflection should be on a new page and say Reflection at the top, center of the page in plain text. This section should be between 300–350 words and should include a reflection on how you would apply the content of the article to yourself as an adult learner in the online higher education world. Present your reflection in a five paragraph format: intro, respond to article 1, respond to article 2, compare the...
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