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Boy-Girl Relationship of Students
by Christel F. Mabunga
St. Louis School Of Pacdal, Inc.

This paper was prepared for English 4
Section 4- St. Dominic taught by
Ms. Norma L. Taray


I would like to express my gratitude to all those who gave me the possibility to complete this report. I am deeply indebted to our english teacher, Ms. Norma L. Taray whose help, stimulating suggestions, knowledge, experience and encouragement helped us in all the times of study and analysis of the project in the pre and post research period. I would also like to thank my friends in helping me in the completion of this research. And lastly, I would also like to thank those who I interviewed in answering the questions I asked.

Table of Contents
Background of the Study......1
Statement of the Problem......2
Purpose of the Study......4
Materials, Methods, Procedure....5
Conceptual Framework.....8
II. Presentation of Data.....9
IV.Recommendation and Conclusion...11
Benefits of the research.....13
Interview questions.......14
Curriculum Vitae.......15

Background of the Study

The topic the researcher selected is a current problem because many teenagers become depressed at their early age. They prioritize the boy-girl relationship than their studies. Because of this, teenagers get low academic grades. When teenagers get broken hearted, they do vices that they think can solve their problem. They drink alcoholic drinks, smoke cigarettes and sometimes they use drugs. They make their life miserable because they think when they are broken hearted, their life is useless. Some teenagers also think of suicide. They make the broken relationship as a big problem that cannot be resolved. A relationship always encounter problem that's why, people must know how to handle it.


Statement of the Problem

The researcher aims to answer the following question: What are the reason why students are having a boy-girl relationship? What are the advantage for students having a boy-girl relationship? What is its disadvantage? What will be the effect to students having a boy-girl relationship? From this following question, the researcher can identify the reason behind why students is so much fun of having a boy-girl relationship even if it can destroy something in their life.



The researcher assumes that students are having a boy-girl relationship because of they want someone for companionship. The researcher assumes that boy-girl relationship of the students is just for fun. They just want someone to spend their time with. The researcher didn't think that having a boy-girl relationship for the students is because of love. She assumes that it is just an infatuation and she believes that love only come its way when the people are already on their right age. The researcher assumes that the disadvantage of having a boy-girl relationship is that some of the teenagers get pregnant at their early age and worse is that the guys wil leave them if they found out that they are pregnant. The other disadvantage of having a boy-girl relationship of the students is that it causes suicide. The following disadvanteges would cause a problem to our society. Boy-Girl relationship of the students causes higher birth rate or death rate in the population of our society.


Purpose of the Study

The researcher aims to tell and indicate the causes and effect of having a boy-girl relationship of the students. She wants to know why do people like to be in a boy-girl relationship especially students and teenagers. She wants to know the advantages and disadvantages of boy-girl relationship in every...
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