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Taking a Gap Year

Many students rush to college right after high school because that is what most students do these days. Taking a year or two off between high school and college can be more beneficial than most parents may think. It is also referred to as a gap year. Instead of pushing your children into going to college right after high school, more parents need to encourage their children to take a break from school to give them time to become more mature and also time to focus on what they want to do with their lives in the future. I hope by reading this paper you will understand how a gap year can be more beneficial to students rather than heading off to college right after high school. There are so many advantages to taking time off. Some students spend their gap year investigating into a career they may be interested in. This gives them time to decide if a certain career they like is really something they can picture themselves doing forever. By taking more time looking into a career, students can get a chance to see all of the advantages as well as all of the disadvantages of the career. By doing this research, students can save themselves a lot of time and parents can save a lot of money instead of going to college and switching their major over and over again. Other students may decide to just take a break and travel around the world to see what is all out there, or maybe even get a full time job to save up some money. All of these choices are going to benefit students because it will give them time to mature and clear their mind to make a wise decision about their future. Eighteen is a very young age to decide what your career will be for the rest of your life. By taking a little time off could make a big difference on whether you will be satisfied with your career forever. Now a gap year might not be the best idea for everyone. Those students who know for sure what they want to go to college for should go ahead and go to college right away. Only...

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