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Algebra existed long before the Christian era.
We find traces on tablets found at the site    of NIPPUR   (Babylon), four thousand years old, and almost at the same time, Egypt.         Then it was Greece, nursery   learned philosophers and mathematicians, take   the torch of   algebra before sending   the closest we civilized nations, those Indians   , those Arabs   who 'introduced in Europe Average age (around 950).  

In 825, a sage of Baghdad, al-Khwarizmi wrote a famous treatise on mathematics called AL-Djabrw        J has muqabalah   (s assemble and reduce   unknowns to match a known quantity.) From there is born ALGEBRA name.  

The algebra   reduces to a specific problem   or more simple equations where the numbers   to find   are   replaced by letters   that are called "unknown".  
Where   ”Solve "   the resolution of equations or inequalities, the calculations    of numerical expressions (e.g. 3 x 2 - 7x +3) for values ​​of x belonging to the sets of integer’s problems within algebra.  

        In a matter of arithmetic the same number   can represent two different sizes.         One can, for example, consider 12 meters plinth   at 12 Euros per meter. In the calculations, the number 12 s' used  alone without indicating the nature   of the greatness that is and when you should perform the operations, we cannot know, without   making an effort of memory, if the number 12   which is written represents Euros or meters.         In addition, if then we do a similar problem, we will be obliged to repeat on   new data the same reasoning as we did previously, since we know the nature of the particular quantity represented by each of the numbers written; we cannot enjoy the previous calculations to obtain the result faster.  

  Suppose now that in the previous example, instead of letting the numbers, it is appropriate to be represented by " a” number of meters by" b "   the number of Euros that each meter costs   (excluding   any other meaning): everywhere you see " a ", we   think of the numbers of meters; and wherever we see " b "is think the number of Euros. If the solution found in these conditions we see that there is: b has , it will mean that it will increase the number of Euros by the number of meter and that, in all similar instances, regardless of Besides the numbers represented by " a "and" b ".      

Algebraic notation
 The notation b is equivalent to a whole sentence, this type of sentence is called "algebraic notation"                      Algebraic notation is a writing that   uses   letters and operational signs expressing a mathematical situation.  

  Purpose of the algebra:
              The algebra   aimed at simplifying and generalizing questions about the numbers: The algebra   is therefore to   :
   1)   To simplify the calculations.
   2)   Facilitate the resolution of problems.
   3)  To generalize the results.
             The simplification   is due to the use of signs to indicate operations and in problems, letters to denote   the numbers sought. Generalization is due to the use of letters to represent numbers given.  

Emplaw letters:
0n denotes   the number (quantity) by letters means that the letters used to represent numbers. Instead of reasoning, as in arithmetic on numbers "4"; "6"; "   "; etc., we reason on letters. "a", "b", "c", ... "x", "y" ... supposed to represent known numbers or "to know" The results that we manage and offer a wide generality, because, as it is not clear on what numbers we operate, they are true for all numbers.  

The first letters of the alphabet "a", "b", "c", .... Usually represent   numbers (quantities) known. The numbers that we intend to seek are most often designated by the last letters of the alphabet   :   "x", "y", "z" ... the numbers called   (quantities) "unknown"  

The "Signs” operative.
Algebra uses the same signs as the arithmetic   and a few others we...

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