Research work: an indispensable tool for effective implementation of educational innovation in nigeria.

Topics: Research, Education, Curriculum Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: February 27, 2014
Research has the objective of searching for facts, information, insights and developments around man. When such facts are found, the target is to solve existing identified problems; hasten progress, and development; promote advancement of knowledge; increase understanding of new phenomena and raise standard of living in general. Research is one of the most effective way by which we are able to identify lapses and deficiencies in our educational system and look out for different means of bringing out alternatives for improvement. Research especially, basic research is a painstaking exercise which requires long time to come up with useful results. Basic Research according to Akuozuilo (1993) is described as pure research or fundamental research seeking basic truths or principles aiming at expansion of knowledge. This is the type of research that should be carefully carried out in our educational system in order to dictate where there are loopholes, or deficiencies in our curriculum and then come out with the best type of alternative that could be implemented in our school system in order to solve the problems and fill the loopholes. Without research, there wouldn’t be any effective educational innovation in our school system. Research therefore, is an indispensable tool for effective implementation of educational innovation in Nigeria.

THE IMPORTANCE OF RESEARCH IN BRINGING OUT EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION A lecturer in science and technology for instance, cannot come up with any educational alternative or develop new ideas in a particular subject area or identify particular academic and social problems and work out some strategies for his/her solution without carrying out a research. For example, it is only through research that one can arrive at new discoveries in raw materials; in disease prevention and control; in solar...
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