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1. Students will analyze Lord of the Flies as a social commentary on WWII. 2. Students will complete each stage of the writing process to include: research (note cards), pre-writing (outline), draft (first draft), revise, edit (self and peer edit), publish (final draft). 3. Students will use a variety of resources (print, reference, electronic) to research selected sub-topics related to WWII and Lord of the Flies. 4. Students will link literary analysis with historical research.


You will be writing a paper that integrates Lord of the Flies with historical research. The prompt for your paper is:

Analyze Lord of the Flies as an allegory for World War II and as a social commentary on this war.

To answer this prompt, you will read and analyze Golding’s novel as a social commentary, as well as conduct independent research. You will select 2 of the following sub-topics to research, tie to the novel, and ultimately prove your thesis.

Connect historical people to characters in the novel.
Connect historical events to events in the novel.
Connect historical symbols to symbols in the novel.
Connect political or social issues to political or social issues in the novel.

The focus of your paper is to show how / why Lord of the Flies is considered a social commentary on WWII. Once the research component is complete, you will be prepared to start the writing process. PARAGRAPH COUPLETS

You will write a “paragraph couplet” (or pair) for each sub-topic (2 paragraphs x 2 sub-topics = a total of 4 body paragraphs). The “paragraph couplet” will include a historical background paragraph, followed by a literary analysis paragraph.

The first paragraph of each couplet will be the historical background paragraph. This paragraph will cover historical information. Here you will cover the important/necessary historical facts and prepare the reader for the literary analysis paragraph. **Use past tense here** (2 quotes for each historical paragraph)

The second paragraph of the couplet will be the literary analysis paragraph. This paragraph will link the historical facts to the characters and/or the plot of LOTF, once again proving how/why the novel is a successful social commentary. **Use present tense here** (2 quotes for each literary paragraph).


Length: 6 paragraphs (intro + 4 body + concl.) AND a minimum of 2.5 pages (4 page maximum) Font: Times or Times New Roman
Font size: 12
Margins: 1 - 1.25 inches
Spacing: Double
Parenthetical Documentation: at least 2 per body paragraph. Follow MLA format Number of sources: 4 total (minimum) – 2-3 print (1 print source is the novel), 1-2 electronic (databases only). INTERNET SOURCES AND PRINT/ELECTRONIC ENCYCLOPEDIAS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS CITABLE SOURCES (these should only be used to build background information). Note: Books from count as print sources

Number of bib cards: 4 minimum
Number of note cards: 16 minimum, plus active reading worksheets from novel w/(pd) Reminders:

1.) For this paper you will be writing about history, as well as literature, so you must remember the rules:

~When writing about history, you must use the past tense.
~When writing about literature, you must use present tense.

2.) Introduction paragraph
Mentions the text and author and that the text is considered an allegory/social commentary of WWII. Introduce the 2 subtopics you will be discussing in your paper

Sets up the reader with enough information to understand your thesis (general to specific- inverted pyramid)

Ends with a strong, persuasive thesis statement as the final sentence in the introduction.

3.) Conclusion Paragraph
Restates the thesis (at the beginning) using different words •Is all commentary
Summarizes the main points in the essay (hint: go over the TS’s again) •Uses persuasive, powerful language - this is a "closing argument" •...
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