Research: Student Information System

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The Problem and Its Background

Student Information System of Polytechnic University of the Philippines is a computer based system that is used to store and to provide detailed information of students’ files, college management, university agendas and other academic relations. This type of system is new for the 20th century yet it already performs a great satisfactory impact to every universities. Having its features such as user friendly, having a large capacity of sustaining numerous data, becoming a readily available resources that will help the students on an easy analyzing and decision making process, and having a fast and reliable source of information, no wonder computer based system is widely used by most universities in competing with others. The researchers decided to spread the information of the valuability of modernization in PUP which every PUPians experience the benefit to the new technological tool of learning. The researchers, as students of this batch, experienced the long and exhausted queue of students getting passports in entering the university and acquainting with the older batch, they summarized all their experiences in negotiating to the administration. And we both have the same trends of experiences. As the SIS of the PUP is created, the students and school administration easily reach each other even beyond the campuses. It helps the students and the university by providing an alternative way of integrating each other only with a simple click on the web. Background of the Study

Information System described as an “integrated set of components for collecting, storing, and processing data and for delivering information, knowledge, and digital products” to the users. This kind of system helps the user to interact with one another for an easy transfer of information or knowledge that they need. The use of this system is a widespread to all business management and educational institutions. Being used in education, IS integrates students, parents, teachers, and the other school administration for a better learning environment of acquiring educational purposes. Most of the universities are already taking the advantage of getting rid of it as one of the key of success of the establishment. Student Information System used by PUP is under this technological tool. The university started using this kind of system last 2010. The circulation of every transactions of the university lessens the burdens of overloading works and so much time consumption of the students and school personnel. The computer's capability of sustaining and manipulating information helps to lighten up the load of the administration and letting the students access easily by the provided features of the system. It is user-friendly. This is the most basic but the most important feature of a system. It allows the users to use it easily with the guidance of understandable input fields and buttons for manipulation of information including the search engine in finding particular records stored in the system. It has a dynamic security. The system provides username and password for security measurements. The authorized user is the only one that can access and modify the data for safely storage within the system. Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC) is responsible for operating the whole system in the PUP main campus and has the only privilege to access in all components of the software application. It provides an easy saving, editing, and printing process of data. It allows the users, especially students, to change easily any adjustments and modifications made in the data. It has a ready-to-print feature in printing academic records, billing and grading sheets and other documents that will pop-out as the user click the 'print' display button and saving it for data back-up that can be used in case of emergency. SIS as a computer-based system is like a trending application that must be grab and keep it...
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