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Research Questionnaire

By MdMahmudulIslam Apr 15, 2015 534 Words
Research Questionnaire- Social Media is actually dissocializing the youth of the country. Date: 8th April, 2015
To: Ms Nadia Kamal Al-Siraj
From: Tahmina Hossain Faiza
Id# 1220161030 Sec# 16
This questionnaire is designed for the purpose of doing a research on understanding whether ‘Social Media is actually dissocializing the youth of the country.’ This is an academic research; hence, the findings from the survey will only be used for academic purpose. Your honest responses are appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and contribution. Please circle your answer unless otherwise stated.

Gender: (a) Male (b) Female Age: 15-20 / 20-25 / 25 and above

1. Which one of the following activities do you prefer doing the most when you are free? a. Hanging out with friends
b. Stay logged into your social media account
c. Stay with your family and give them quality time

2. Which social networking site do you use the most?
a. Facebook
b. Twitter
c. Google plus
d. Linked In

3. How much time do you spend on social networking sites per day? a. More than 2 hours
b. 2-5 hours
c. 5-7 hours
d. More than 7 hours

4. When did you create your social networking/media account? a. Before getting into college
b. Before getting into university
c. After getting into university

5. What reason did you have for opening an account in the social networking site? a. To keep contact with friends and family
b. To keep contact with outside world
c. Mainly to eradicate boredom

6. How many friends do you have (per account)?
a. Less than100
c. 300-500
d. More than500

7. With whom do you interact more through social media?
a. Previously known friends
b. Friends known through social media
c. Relatives
d. I don’t like to interact

8. Despite having an internet connection, can you pass three or four days without logging into the social networking site? a. Yes, because I have my family and friends
b. Yes, there is nothing that much interesting
c. No, it is impossible for me because my whole communication process is via social media d. No, because I don’t want to get engaged into family gossip

9. Do you feel comfortable to operate you account in front of your parents? a. Yes, it is not that much private
b. Yes, but I don’t want to as my parents always keep coming to my room c. No, it is totally my private arena
d. No, because I tried but they start to ask different questions

10. Do you respond to everyone who knocks you online personally? a. Yes, I don’t want to be bad to my friends
b. Yes, I love to
c. No, I always stay offline
d. No, I respond to some selected persons only

11. If you are living away from your family for couple of months, which communication media would you prefer for communicating with them during the stay? a. Constant cell phone connection, no need of social media access b. Must access to social media and occasional contact with family members c. Only access to social media

d. No need to contact with family members

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