Research Proposal: Gossiping or Chitchatting

Pages: 3 (663 words) Published: November 7, 2010

Prepared by:
Md. Shafiullah Jibon
ID# 072 640 030
English- 105, Section 9

Prepared for:
Course Instructer:
North South University
October 11, 2010


Date: October 11, 2010

To: Michelle

From: Md. Shafiullah Jibon, English 105, sec. 9

Subject: Proposal to do a research paper on gossiping in Bangladesh.


Gossiping is the most common thing in all over the world. But topic of the gossip is varying from one country to another because of the culture, social status, lifestyle etc. In general, gossip involves the creation and repetition of rumors regarding an individual who is not present to share his or her opinion under discussion. In Bangladesh, people do gossip just passing their time with friends, family member and others. It just an idle talk or rumor, about the personal or private affairs of others or any other topic like fun topic, latest topic, personal topic etc. In our country, urban areas people do gossip mainly on phone, university campus, home, restaurant, work place etc and in rural area people do gossip at local market, tea stall etc. There are many topics for gossiping but the topic of gossiping is varying from person to person and place to place. For example, gossiping between same genders and gossiping between different genders can be varying. And also people those who gossip at varsity campus and people who gossip in rural market their topic can be different. There are some good side and also some bad side of gossiping.


At this point in my research I have identified following questions to investigate: * Why do people gossip?
* Is gossip good or bad?
* What are the good side and bad side of gossiping?
* Do you think gossip is really a sin?
* What is the topics people use during gossip?
* Does topic vary from person to person? Why
* Why do...
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