Research Proposal Format

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Sample Title Page for Research Proposal
e.g. Purchase Behaviour of Personal Computers: A Cross-Cultural Study of Urban Malaysian Consumers  
A Proposal Submitted
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for
the Bachelor of Science/Arts (Hons)
in ………(major)……………..

 Asia Pacific University College of Technology & Innovation   
(Month, Date, Year)

Student Name:
Student No:
Email Address:
Programme Name:
Title of Project:
Proposed Supervisor (if known):
Please state which modules your topic is related to:


A Format for Research Proposals

A research proposal is a written specification of an intended research, which clearly outlines the context of the study as well as why and how it will be conducted. However, these should only be seen as guidelines, meaning that deviations are possible, if necessary/appropriate and according to the supervisor(s) advice.

The title (topic) of the proposal should ‘accurately’ reflect the scope and content of the study in not more than 20 words. It should be concise yet precise and able to outline the core issue of the study. There are cases where a subtitle is added to define the scope.

Introduce the topic, the sector of business or industry concerned and how the project relates to it

Statement of the problem
Identify the problem(s) that the researcher wants to address: magnitude, relationship and question(s) the researcher wants to answer or solve.

Project Background
Background to the Problem
Build up the case. Describes the context from which the research idea has emerged, provide evidence and facts to support the problem(s) or concerns put forward, explain the need for solutions/answers for the(se) problem(s) or the need for a similar/alternative method. This info should be about 1.5 pages. The information provided in this section should clearly make a reader understand the need for this research, its significance and the...
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