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Topics: Terrorism, Jihad, Research Pages: 11 (1995 words) Published: September 7, 2009
Name of Applicant : Abdul Najeeb Chakkayil

Student Number : 0820901

Title of Project : Representation of Terrorism in Media and its Relation with Islam


This research project analyses the representation of terrorism in media and how it relates with Islam. Media represents or interprets terrorism in different manner. May be they are purposeful interpretation. In this modern world media is very relevant, very important factor in creating public opinion. Very fast when compared to the past, news spreads very quickly. So imperialist powers are using media to create a particular opinion about terrorism. It also concentrates on how media portrays terrorism and is there any relation between terrorism and Islam. Few organisations try to relate terrorism with Islam. Is it purposefully or not?


Different media represents terrorism in different manner. Media has strong influence among the people. So media can make changes in the individual opinion. People get more idea about one thing through their reading and their exposure to media. Here analyses the published reports about terrorism. Some governing bodies manipulates the meaning of terrorism, they interprets in a wrong way to create a covering to their activities.


This research mainly concentrates on the representation of terrorism in media. Reports about terrorist activities is very important, these reports plays important role in creating attitudes towards the terrorism. The following questions are to be asked in this research. Is media represents terrorism in exact manner? Any misinterpretations take place. Why the imperialist powers try to impose terrorism on Islam. Why media relates terrorism with Islam, is there any hidden agenda behind that. What is meant by the word ‘JIHADH’? how terrorist interprets the meaning of this word. Is there any relation between terrorism and Islam? How they attract new generation to such activities.


The research deals with the representation of terrorism in media and its relation with Islam. The main aim of the research is to critically analyse the way in which media portrays terrorism. To make findings about how the media represents the terrorism, to make a clear idea about Islam and terrorism and how it differs. What are the intentions behind terrorism and who stands behind the terrorists, any political organisations or governing bodies have any relation with the terrorists. Another aim is to give a proper idea about terrorism to the public and make them aware of the consequences of it. The terrorists try to recruit youth to such activities by trapping them through giving money and other facilities. So make them aware of such activities are also comes under the objectives of this research.


Nowadays terrorism is an international issue, most of the countries are facing this problem by domestically and internationally. So the topic is very relevant in this period. After the 9/11 attack terrorism stroked more attention, it became a serious issue. Number of similar research was done by different person.


The research deals with the representation of terrorism in media and its relation with Islam. So the problem to be discussed is media related. How the media portrayed terrorism. The research questions indicate to the content provided by the media. This content is the key factor behind formation of public opinion.


Content analysis is the first method used in this research. Content means, what is said to the audience and it is very important. First analyses the objective of the report, which means what is aimed by writing the report, it may be positive or negative. Order of the report is important. it is created the arrangement of events. Then quantity of the report, here checks whether the report is quantitative or not and this is a key factor. Here analyses the published...

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