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Department of Biotechnology
Ministry of Science and Technology


DBT invites applications from eligible scientists/group of scientists for setting-up:

1. Units of Excellence (UOE) which are proposed for strengthening research resources around leaders in cancer biology with national relevance but global competitiveness; where leaders would be defined as the Core Investigator (CI) with key publications in key direction/domain of cancer biology; who may be at any stage of career development but with proven leadership as evidenced by the publications. Applications for UOE could be in the form of Individual Grants or small Team-driven Grant;

UOE extends the possibility for career enhancement of the Core Investigator as well as of the entire team engaged in the research. Career development opportunities in the form of young investigator’s awards (10-15 in number, both for Ph.D & Post Ph.D) under each UOE, national & overseas fellowships, training in different labs, workshops/conferences etc. may be included as part of the Human Resource development. UOE may be for a period of 5 years with possibility of extension for another term.

2. Virtual National Cancer Institute (VNCI): DBT is also contemplating virtually connecting the "Existing Excellence in Small Places" in cancer research by setting up a Virtual National Cancer Institute. The purpose is to connect competence in Basic biology/clinical research/technology development around "Thematic Research" such as:

i. Genetics/ Epigenetics of nationally relevant cancers

ii. Cancer animal models/Technologies for creation of Transgenic animals

iii. Facilities for cancer diagnostics; Cancer Diagnostics Advancement

iv. Biomarkers linked to personalized cancer therapy/patient management

v. Cancer Stem Cells- its use in diagnosis & therapeutics

vi. Cancer Drug Discovery/Novel methods of Cancer Drug...
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