Research Proposal - Animals Should Be Banned from the Entertainment Industry

Topics: Animal rights, Animal welfare, Abuse Pages: 3 (843 words) Published: January 2, 2011
Research Proposal
Animals: Beaten and Helpless Behind and Off Cameras
It has been quite a long time since animals were first introduced in the entertainment fraternity. Since then, there have been a growing number of audiences to watch these ‘exotic animals’ perform at live circuses worldwide. But then how do we know what really happens behind those innovative and fun-filled acts? We watch the animals doing all sorts of tricks, but no one thinks what they actually have to go through to do things right when performing. The same applies to the other entertainment mediums: TV, movies and zoos. These animals are daily beaten by a cruel selection of tools, not fed according to their dietary needs and are accommodated in worse conditions, even though there have been a number of animal rights and acts that consider this behavior illegal.

This research is important because this issue regarding animal abuse has been overshadowed by other researches in the past few years – issues regarding global warming, stem cell research, the Internet and technology are given more importance in today’s world. However, researches that are based on animals are only to do with them being used as controls and tested for pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetic products and other scientific phenomena. Not just because of these reasons, but I want to go into the depth of this issue to find out what in reality happens to the animals that are forced into doing things by the human power.

Regarding the resources, the e-books that I have found are – Encyclopedia of Animal Rights and Animal Welfare, Bekoff, Marc A. Meaney, Carren Goodall, Jane (1998). This book lists all the animal rights from A to Z in detail. Animal Welfare and Human Values, Preece, R. and Chamberlain, L. (1993). This one talks about animals used for different kinds of means, such as experiments, in farms, in sports and entertainment and also about the philosophy of animal rights and protection. Confronting Cruelty: Moral...
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