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Brandon Donaldson
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Prof. Parker
7 March, 2015
Research Proposal
The topic I have chosen for my research proposal is “Is Nuclear Energy Really
Safe?” Like all forms of usable energy, nuclear power has its pros and cons to it. Many people feel that it is extremely hazardous because of the dramatic accidents that have happened in the past with nuclear power plants such as Chernobyl, Three­mile Island, and Fukushima. However, with the possible underlying threats of having nuclear energy as a main source of power to an area, it’s capabilities could outweigh the problems.
Nuclear energy is one of the best sustainable resources around on the planet, 1 Kg of reactor grade uranium contains enough energy to power a household light bulb for
1,172 years. I believe that with the proper precautions taken, nuclear energy can become our worlds primary source of energy, instead of burning fossil fuels.
There are several controversial questions that come along with the topic that need to be answered such as: Are nuclear hazards any different from any other hazards that we accept everyday such as driving a vehicle or flying in a plane? Can nuclear power production be kept safe from natural disasters (Fukushima for example)? Where and how will the nuclear waste be stored and is it possible for it to be recycled? How would the waste be transported without the threat of terrorism? What is the average price tag for a nuclear plant to be built, worked, and maintained? Are the risks of nuclear

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power worth the investment in the long run? These questions I feel like are the most important subtopics that go along with this argument.
My opposition fits into my argument because it allows both the reader and I to be aware of the possible risks and facts that come along with nuclear energy. Meltdowns, natural disasters, human error in the plant, hazards of operating a nuclear plant with communities nearby, terrorist threats,

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