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Topics: Scientific method, Research, Hong Kong Pages: 3 (1463 words) Published: October 26, 2014
city univeRsity of hong kong Part-Time BA (Hons) Business Administration and Management Cohort January 2013 Module Title Business Research Issue and Anylysis (Module code BAMG 2104 ) Assignment Topic/ Title Research Proposal Name of Instructor Dr Michael Ng Name of Student 1) AU Kwan Tai, 2) Chan Yan Ki, 3) Choi Chak Pan, 4) Chong Ka Chun DMU Student No.1) P13014477 , 2) P13014523 3) P13014614, 4) P13014628 Group No. Date of Submission25 Feb, 2014 DMU Business Research Methods Research Proposal 1.Research Project Title The relationship between turnover rate and employee satisfaction in the public sector organization. 2.Project background (management dilemma present some facts to prove the existence of the dilemma, also the significance of this dilemma) In a global economy, most organizations in Hong Kong face challenges such as an uncertain economy, globalization of markets and ever-changing technology. To meet these challenges, it is important for an organization as well as public sector organization to strive for both health and productivity through investing in human resources to enhance employees motivation and job performance so as to seek competitive advantage. Therefore, investment in developing positive capacities is an attractive course of action for human resource managers in Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF). Considering the challenging circumstances faced by the HKPF nowadays, it seems that the exploration of possible resources that promote police officers satisfaction to their jobs, protecting them from adverse effect from work stress, and finally reducing the turnover of employees are most importance. 3.Project problem statement (management problems the major concerns of management) After the effective recruitment selection process, the company obtained competency of staff, but how to nurture him and make it possible to enhance job satisfaction, retain ultimate success of any employee, gradually...
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