Research Proposal

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Defining terms2
Research topic2
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Defining terms
Positivism and interpretivism are epistemology research philosophies. They demonstrated the research in different ways to fit researcher’s research. Positivism advocates quantitative research data while interpretivism is qualitative. More academic saying , Positivism works observable social reality rather than impressions, value-free in the process , research product is law-like generalisation (Gill, J. and Johnson, P., 2010), while, interpretivism is essential for the research to comprehend the differences characters between humans in today's society which tend to conducting research among people rather than physical objects (Saunders, M., Lewis, P. and Thornhill, A., 2012). Research topic

The fashion industry is interesting me as well as Operation management which is a subject about how an organisation manage their resources process in the production of goods or services (Slack, N., Chambers, S. and Johnston, R., 2010).After studying some literatures on fashion industry management, it seems that not many lucubrate in exploring the change of process layout design inside fashion industry. Then a theoretical proposition was made ‘Fashion organisation (Zara) can operate so successfully while Fashion is changing is because of their consummate operations management.’ Application of research philosophies

The nature scientist philosophical stance should be applied while use positivism. Type of data will be more likely about an observable reality, quantitative research data will be emphasized to adopt as well. In general, I will collect secondary data here such as percentage of Zara customs on the market. When using this philosophy research method, scientific approach will need therefore I will plan the research process and follow it step by step. First, identify my research topic about Zara management; second, design a research that I...

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