Research Proposal

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Chapter 4
How to Write a Research Proposal

Framework of the Research Proposal

A research proposal is a written document that includes the following information: – Summary of prior literature.
– Identification of research topic and research questions. – Specification of procedure to be followed to answer research questions.

The purpose of your proposal is to sell your idea by showing you have thought it through very carefully and have planned a good research study.

There are three major sections of a research proposal, although the exact headings can vary: II. Introduction
II. Method
III. Data Analysis

Two examples of Tables of Contents for a research proposal are shown in Table 4.1 (see your textbook). • Notice that the headings can vary.
• When you write a proposal, check with your committee or funding agency to determine if they have a preferred layout of headings.

I. The introduction section of your proposal.

• The purpose of this section is to introduce your research idea, establish its importance (i.e., you want to “sell” it to your reader), and explain its significance.

• Flow of the introduction:
– Start with a general introduction that
• defines the research topic.
• demonstrates its importance.
– Then review the relevant literature.
– This review should lead directly into a statement of the purpose of the study and your research questions.

II. The method section of your proposal.

• This provides a written description of the specific actions, plan, or strategy you will take to answer your research questions. • It includes information about your proposed
– Research participants
– Design
– Apparatus or instruments, and
– Procedure.

The subsection of the method section entitled participants should provide a written description of the individuals...
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