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Professor Eve Longlade


Richard Stearns,
World Vision President,
Disaster, gender, food and economic Programs,
2000, parkway, mail stop 20202,
Brooklyn, NY 94065.

Dear Mr. Banga,
World Vision humbly submits its proposal to the MasterCard foundation for $549,700 in support of its food, gender, economic and disaster response programs for women and children in marginalized areas. World Vision sponsors these programs to eliminate unjust practices and poverty in the sub Sahara Africa. We provide the training to community members irrespective of their background or age. This proposal requests for funding for three of our programs that are more important. These programs are vital to our organization. They have decreased poverty and adjusted practices, especially among the women and children. To attain our mission, World Vision seeks to establish a partnership venture with MasterCard foundation in terms of volunteerism and funding efforts. We anticipate to working with you in exploring these possibilities. Thank you for your time and for additional information, please call Jessica Kim our Development officer. Sincerely,

Richard Stearns
President World vision
Proposal by 
World Vision – food, gender, economic and disaster response programs [pic]
MasterCard foundation microfinance program
Submitted on: March 29th, 2012
Executive summary

Communities living in the marginalized areas of the world encounter high economic risks that are caused by prevalence of unforeseen disasters for example hunger and civil wars. Although such disasters are seasonal, the communities suffer losses in terms of their livelihood and most of the time accompanied by loss of lives. This can be attributed to inadequate organizational skills, poor planning, and poor strategies of mitigation and inaccessibility of markets. In such cases, World Vision proposes to establish strategies that will mitigate the economic risks through increased opportunities in terms of livelihood to the children and families living in poverty and unjust environments all over the world. The initiative will capacity build the communities in economic risks assessments, strategies to cope through adaptation and increasing the opportunities that provide livelihood via production of quality products, proper planning, improving market accessibility and enhancing collective performance of work. The grant will fund projects that utilize the subsector approach to promote new methods of agriculture, enhance insurance of the community and promote cooperation among community members with the main focus being on the participation of children and women. In the event of implementing such an intervention, it is believed that the community will be at par with new ways that will enhance sustenance of their livelihoods.

Proposal statement

Low income and marginalized communities are largely vulnerable to ever increasing economic risks besides encountering hardships from events such as civil wars and natural disasters[1]. Most of the marginal areas are usually located in inaccessible areas where diversity in ethnic groups sparks conflicts on many occasions. Coupled with complex geographical features, the areas are also susceptible to environmental pressures that results in of natural disasters occurrences. These occurrences have had severe outcomes on human survival since they disrupt human settlement patterns, lives, environmental conditions and most of all, their economic dependencies. Poverty and unjust practices are common and children and women are the hardest hit groups. These catastrophic and periodical events in many instances heighten the group’s vulnerability where fractures occur with regard to their sources of livelihood, as their sustainability practices are undermined[2]. The groups also have the tendency of adopting unsustainable activities in terms of income...

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