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“Prepare a Research Project”
Course Title: Research Project

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April 17, 2013

Table of Content

1. Introduction

* Research Topic:
* Company Profile:
* Project research questions and solution:
* Research Problem:
2. Proposal of the research
* Research objectives
* Limitation of the study
* Literature Review
* Methodology
* Plan of Action
* Clearly understanding what success means for the project * Developing timelines – a rolling wave approach to planning * Managing Risk within the Project
* Managing the project
* Managing the Project Budget
* Marketing Plan
* Ethical issues of the project
* Evaluation o f the project

3. Conclusion

4. Reference


For the completion of the assignment the assistance of many individuals was required. Among all of them, it was my course instructor of “Project Research” who played the vital role by giving us an insight about the project Research course and the guideline of preparing this draft helped immensely in preparing this plan .To prepare this assignment I get a lot of support from our course instructor and us really grateful to him. So at first I give special thanks to our teacher. I also got various types of facilities from the senior brothers. And also all those person we really help us to prepare this assignment.


The successful management of a research project depends upon the researcher’s ability to plan, coordinate and perform the research. Many researchers do not formally manage their research and whilst this does not necessarily mean that the research will not be completed successfully this approach has impacts on the staffs whom are involved in the project. For example an unplanned approach can often lead to stress in members of the research team, crises management when deadlines are not effectively managed and the lack of time within the research to deliver effective outcomes for all the staff involved in the project.

The starting point for managing a project effectively is to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve. A simple model to start to explore this is to distinguish between outputs and outcomes. Outputs are the physical deliverables of the project

Outcomes are what happen as a result of the outputs
For example in a clinical based trial the output could be a paper with the related outcome being the changes in clinical practice. The starting point for a project is to define what the desired outcomes are and from this the outputs can be defined. In effect you are “starting with the end in mind” and by doing this you should be able to focus the research effort. This is particularly important for any students where they have a relatively short period of time to develop their research skills and produce a significant piece of work – being clear about what they are trying to achieve will allow them to focus your efforts.

Research Topic:

Roche’s UK Pharmaceutical company‘s scientists make “Insulin tablet” .Now-a-days Diabetes patients are increase in early age like children, teenager and elder. They do not want to take injection because some children, teenager is scared about injection so Roche company’s scientists decide to make this new medicine. (This project is not real, it is a hypothetical project) Company Profile:

Headquartered at Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, Roche’s UK Pharmaceutical business plays a significant role in driving medical advancement with around 500 of its employees supporting global and local clinical trials to assess the potential for new medicines. In 2008, more than 235,400 people took part in our clinical trials worldwide. Their UK Pharmaceutical sales, marketing and medical teams, based at Welwyn Garden City and in the field, work...
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