Research Project

Topics: Honda, Honda Civic, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Pages: 25 (7211 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Research and Analysis Project
Business and Financial Analysis of
BSc (Honors) in Applied Accounting|
By: Usman Mansur|
For the years ended 2009, 2010 & 2011.

Year of Submission: 2012

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Words Count: 6440

Table of Contents
Project Objectives and Research Approach:3
Reasons for choosing the Topic:3
Reasons for choosing the Industry:3
Reason for choosing the Company:3
Project Aims and Objectives:3
Research Questions:5
Research Approach:5
Information gathering and business models used6
Sources of Information:6
Information Gathering:6
Limitations of Data Gathering:7
Ethical Issues:7
Business and Financial Models used:8
Results, Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations:10
Industry Information and Company Profile:10
Profitability Analysis11
Conclusion and Recommendations34

Project Objectives and Research Approach:
The topic I selected for my BSc RAP is ‘The Business and Financial Performance of an Organization over a three year period.’ Reasons for choosing the Topic:
For any organization to breath it is essential that it copes with environment through its strengths and strategies and manages finance effectively. An organization’s Business & Financial performance plays a leading role in deciding its position in the industry. That’s why I chose this topic as it is even more important to know an organization’s performance during a Global Economic meltdown when markets have been declining. Even more, this has been the major part of my studies and I had a chance to enhance my knowledge and develop practical skills in the area. Reasons for choosing the Industry:

I chose automobile industry as it is a major sector of the country having a major contribution to the economy.
Secondly, I wanted to know about challenges being faced by the auto sector during the financial crisis.
Thirdly, I was curious to know about the key players of the industry and to find out about one’s performance. Reason for choosing the Company:
Honda Atlas is a joint venture between Honda Motor Company Japan and the Atlas Group of Companies Pakistan. The Company incorporated about 20 years ago in 1992. The reason I chose this Company is that it is one of the few leading carmakers in Pakistan having a strong share in overall automobile industry. Another reason was my personal fascination with the brand.

As it is a listed Company at all the Stock Exchanges of thecountry, easy access to the F/S was another reason to choose.

Project Aims and Objectives:
I aim to achieve the following objectives:-
* Carrying out the financial analysis ofHACPL in order to: * Know how successful it has been in generating earnings and covering and controlling costs in the relevant periodby analysing profitability of the Company. * Analyse the short-term liquidity of the Company during the financial crunch. * Understand the impact of its capital structure on its long-term solvency. * Analysing Company’s activities’ impact on its working capital management. * Understand the impact of its operations on the investor`s confidence and share price volatility. * Carrying out business analysis of the Company to:

* Obtain an understanding of the impact of the external pressures on the internal operations and policies. * Examine the competitive pressures being faced by the Company.

Research Questions:
* How will I utilize my time in order to complete my project within time? * What sources of information will I access to gain the necessary information? * What models will be used in order to achieve objectives of my RAP? * Which ratios will be calculated and interpreted for the financial...
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