Research Problem

Topics: Research, Scientific method, Subject Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: October 7, 2014
Sy Tu, Marian Rachelle C.

Elements and Guidelines in Selecting a Research Problem

A Research problem is the first and foremost step in a scientific method for conducting a research. To initiate a research, there should be pre-occurred ideas that generated the necessity for the research to be carried out. The ideas are developed while going through literatures, discourses with experts and continuation of activities related to the subject matter. These ideas develop into some specific topics that will be interesting or rewarding if investigated. These topics generally called problems. Problems are identified by means of group participation. A group of knowledgeable persons are identified and their statements in negative sense are collected and grouped into different groups. Then, from each group, a statement which appears most representative of the group is selected. There, statements are arranged in sequential order as they appear to the group of experts in the subject matter. These statements are called problems. There are 5 elements of a Research Problem:

1. Aim- answers the question “Why”.
2. Subject Matter - This answers the question “What?” What is to be researched or studied?” 3. Period - The period or time of the study when the data are to be gathered. This answers the question “When?” When is the research to be performed?” Managers frequently run the risk of making the correct decision at incorrect time. It is essential that the decision maker as well as the researcher determine the right time reference for the decision. 4. Locale -This answers the question “Where?” Where we need to conduct the study? The space coordinates give you the geographic boundaries within which the action is to be taken. In the problem definition, these lines are hardly ever neat political divisions or subdivisions. The universe of interest should be defined either conceptually or by enumeration. 5. Population - This answers the question “Who?”...
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