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Research Paper: Hamlet´S Love to Ophelia Introduction

By Ercan61 Mar 13, 2010 480 Words
Hamlet´s relationship to Ophelia


Ercan Gönan


English 12



Table of Contents:

1. Introduction

1. Why I chose this topic

2. Summary of scenes with Hamlet and Ophelia

3. Shakespeare´s puzzles

2. Hamlet´s relationship to Ophelia

1. ACT 3 SCENE 1´s importance in the play

2. How does Hamlet treat Ophelia?

1. Has Hamlet gone mad?

2. How does he talk about sexuality?

3. Hamlet´s feelings

1. Does Hamlet really love Ophelia?

2. Did he stop loving her? Has he ever loved her?

3. „To be or not to be“

1. Ophelia

1. Ophelia´s role in Hamlet/Why did Shakespeare put her into the play?

4. Conclusion

5. Bibliography

6. Appendix

1. Introduction

1. Why I chose this topic

Shakespeare was and still is one of the biggest playwrights in the English Literature and in my opinion the best one in the Renaissance, because I think, he has a unique style of writing. That he has a sonnet form named after him (Shakespearean Sonnet) proves this. Although he has written funny comedies and also a lot of very good poems, I am always fascinated and like his tragedies the best. Hamlet and Macbeth are my favorites, so I wanted to investigate and analyze them more, so I chose Hamlet to write a research paper about it.

2. Summary of Scenes with Hamlet and Ophelia

Act I Scene 3 - Laertes warns Ophelia not to put too much trust in Hamlet, and his warnings are echoed by their father, Polonius, who comes to say goodbye to his son-and to give Laertes some words of worldly wisdom.

Act II Scene 1 - Polonius sends his man to Paris to spy on Laertes, and Ophelia tells her father about Hamlet´s strange behavior.

Act II Scene 2 - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are set to spy on Hamlet for the king, and Polonius describes Hamlet´s encounter with Ophelia.

Act III Scene 1 - Claudius and Polonius use Ophelia as a decoy to spy on Hamlet, and the King decides to send Hamlet to England.

Act III Scene 2 - Hamlet lectures the players before their performance-which is interrupted by the king´s guilty alarm. Hamlet is summoned to an interview with his mother.

Act IV Scene 5 – Ophelia has gone mad with distress at Hamlet´s treatment of her, and her brother – who has returned to investigate the suspicious circumstances of his father death – is outraged. Claudius blames Hamlet for everything.

Act IV Scene 7 - Claudius learns that Hamlet has returned to Denmark and encourages Laertes to get his revenge. The queen describes Ophelia´s death.

Act V Scene 1 – Hamlet and Horatio interrupt two gravediggers at their work. Ophelia´s funeral procession approaches, and Hamlet bursts out among the mourners do declare his love in a confrontation with Laertes.

3. Shakespeare´s puzzles

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