Research Paper on V for Vendetta : Graphic Novel vs Movie

Topics: Watchmen, Graphic novel, Frank Miller Pages: 4 (1439 words) Published: April 26, 2012
A form of literature that is rapidly growing more popular today is that of the graphic novel. This unique type of text has been associated with and been more commonly called the comic book. But, in recent years, this form of literature has grown more powerful through the realization of all the values it offers and has thus caused scholars to adopt other more sophisticated names such as graphic novel or graphic narrative. Books that have become sources of scholarly learning have been categorized under these titles to make the field sound more appropriate than comic book, which could be mistakenly perceived by others as something that may be childish or adolescent. Such a thing would cost the literature its’ credibility and cause people to lose sight of what is really important, the content.

So why is there such a sudden sense of acknowledgment on the academic end? This type of literature has never been sophisticatedly observed up until recent times. More and more complex stories have been using this form as their outlet. Reading and comprehending the world of comics has evolved into quite the mental task that is not as basic as pictures and words. Most graphic novels/narratives (GN) are basically composed of frames and gutters, which call reader’s attention visually and spatially to the act, process, and duration of interpretation. GN use the artwork to help narrate the story. This leaves an important part of translation up to the artist. GN offer an intricately layered narrative language (the language of comics) that include the verbal, the visual, and the way the two both interact on the page. The world of GN are so complex that books have been dedicated to understanding them. Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics(1993) was used as a medium for comics. It defined comics as “a medium using words and pictures for reproduction.” This guide may have proved useful before but now the field has evolved into longer more elaborate and complex books rather than your old...
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