Research Paper on Work Life Balance in Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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The purpose of this study is to highlight the necessity of Work-Life Balance (WLB) within the hotels that are situated in Delhi and NCR. The findings of the study specify that there is a need of scheming Work-Life Balance policies and programs for the Indian Hoteliers to facilitate them to maintain stability for their work and life needs. Through this research, an attempt is also been made to make out the different personal motives and its main concern among the different demographic groups which could help us in designing the Work-Life Balance policies for employees in Indian Hospitality Industries.

The Human Resource Management function has to constantly plan and carry out such policies which enable their employees to balance their personal and professional life. Furthermore, the increasing number of Dual Income Single Kid couples and members from nuclear families in the Indian Hospitality Industry has made Work-Life Balance practices necessary. According to (Torrington 2008), the quick increase in number of women within the workforce who are willing to combine both family and work responsibilities together, thus it is for these employees within the diverse workforce for whom the work life balance programs play a crucial role in enhancement of any employee’s overall performance within the hospitality companies.

Whatever is provided in the name of Work-Life Balance may not meet the requirements of the employees in the hospitality industry with different demographic backgrounds. Through this study, an attempt has been made to recognize different personal motive and its priority with respect to Work-Life Balance amongst employees belonging to different demographic profiles. This would guide to development and improvement of the overall presentation of the employees within the organization.


It has been seen that over the years the trends as well as the requirements of the hospitality sector are also changing at a fast speed. This change in the work place forces the hospitality industries to make an effort and know what measures they should adopted in order to understand the different personality of different people who are working together in the same organization for the same objective. (Hebs 2002) defined Work-Life Balance as “Working practices that acknowledge and aim to support the needs of staff in achieving a balance between their homes and working lives.” Another author (Sara 2008) stated that knowledge of the Work-Life Balance issues and options are consistently stretched amongst professionals. With shortage of professionals and economy, the pressures on the existing employees look set to rise and therefore this is an area which needs to be revisited with a view of adopting best practices throughout the sector. (Fiona 2007) explains that “flexible practices are good for Work-Life Balance and managers are better in terms of maintaining a good Work-Life Balance than workers, and that the development of an appropriate Work-Life Balance policy assists in ensuring company loyalty and positive attitudes to work.”(Liz 2004) explored the main barriers to women’s development and highlights the long working hours associated to managerial roles as a major problem. According to (Doherty, 2001), “often work in the hospitality industry is a way of life, with people working at all times of the day and night. Whilst this is a challenge for work-life balance, it also offers opportunities for all kinds of creative work patterns. With just a little will and imagination these can be designed to meet the needs of employees as well as of the business.” Doherty explains that long working hours under stressful conditions is the daily routine in Indian Hospitality Industry. However this situation has risen confront and stressed on the need for the progress of work life balance for the hospitality industry. Another author (Hudson 2005) argued that the want and reason...

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