Research Paper on Marketing to Rural India

Topics: Human skin color, Value added, Fast moving consumer goods Pages: 4 (776 words) Published: September 6, 2009
Indian FMCG Sector Trends - 2008
In this post i have covered multiple trends happening in the Indian FMCG sector.

1. Focus on Health
Companies are widening their health food portfolio to cash in on the rich, urban, health conscious Indian. In recent we have seen flurry of products in this segment. Have a look of some of them: 1.1) Sugar free Chywanprash

1.2) Organic spices/ pulses
1.3) Multi grain pastas/ Biscuits
1.4) Processed foods particularly juices
1.5) Probiotic Ice Creams
1.6) Butter Lite (Nutralite)
1.7) Corn Flakes/ Oats
1.8) Lays (40% less saturated fats) – Snack Smart
1.9) Low Calorie Sweetners

2. Impact of Inflation: The expenditure of FMCG in the consumer's wallet is coming down year on year. This is leading to low sensitivity with price increases. ALmost a decade back people use to downtrade from expensive brands to value for money ones. But now the trend is changing. Consumer are not switching to cheaper substitutes. Rather companies have come with lower quantity SKUs and make consumers switch from higher to lower SKUs and not from premium to popular brands (like Dove to Lux International). Just to give you an example, Henkel instead of increasing the price of their Henkwl detergent from Rs. 46 to Rs. 50, they have launched a new SKU of 400gms for Rs. 40. During the time of inflation, people shift to sachets of their brands. Sales numbers of FMCG companies are quite robust. FMCG spend now comprises a smaller share of consumer’s wallet

3. Micro Segmentation/ Niches: Its interesting and funny to see that companies are not leaving any opportunity to micro segment the market. I can forsee that we are here to see further segments in different categories. Here are some examples: Age

a) Junior Horlicks
b) Junior Chyawanprash
c) Pepsodent Barbie for Kids/ Colgate Strawberry
a) Women’s Horlicks
b) Male fairness cream
Specialized Household Cleaners
a) Kitchen Cleaner: Mr. Muscle
b) Power Cleaner (Rust): Easy Off Bang

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