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What has it done to our society?

Figure 1
(Some smoking heroin, Drug and Alcohol Rehab Headquarters, 2010) Talia Krebs-Oppenheimer
Animal Behavior
Professor Goldberg
Heroin is one of the worlds most dangerous drugs when addicted. It is widely used in American culture and many other places. This drug can be found throughout the world, one of the largest producers of opium in Afghanistan with Mexico coming in after it. Heroin comes from the opium poppy, which looks like a regular poppy, but when it is cultivated and grown in the right climate it can be turned into heroin, morphine or codeine. Heroin is one of the drugs, which you are less likely to become addicted too except if you are in a hard emotional stage in life and using heroin. The United States is one of Mexico’s biggest buyers of heroin, which helps keeps Mexico generate money, even if it is illegally. There have also been many celebrities that have overdosed on heroin, for example the Glee star Cory Monteith recently passed away because he overdosed on heroin.

Purpose of Paper:
This paper has been written to discuss the use of heroin in our society. Heroin is one of the few drugs that come from the opioid plant. This drug can be highly addictive because of the type of high that it gives off. It does not give you the same type of high that marijuana does but it feels like a rush of energy rushing through your body. With many drugs, they can consume your body and your life making your addiction one of the most important duties that you’re body needs you to help feed. Introduction:

Heroin is an opium derivative, which means that it comes from the opium poppy. Opium became a popular drug in the 1800’s when the Chinese immigrants brought it to the United States when they came here to work on the railroads. Heroin is sometimes called the “flower of joy” because of the feeling it gives off when smoked or taken. It is one of the most powerful painkillers known to...

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