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Historical Background of the Company
More than an enterprising venture, at the core of THEGENERICSPHARMACY is an advocacy of making medicines accessible to ALL Filipinos, coupled with free blood pressure check-up and full 20% discount in all branches

1949- THEGENERICSPHARMACY stemmed from its mother company
1959-the company began importing and wholesaling pharmaceutical products. 1989-the company decided to sell generic drugs primarily to government hospitals 2001- the company stepped up its distribution by opening its retail arm 2007, THEGENERICSPHARMACY tapped Francorp, the world leader in franchising, to engineer its franchise development and growth 2008- 150 stores operate NATIONWIDE.

Through franchising, THEGENERICSPHARMACY hopes to reach its dream of contributing to healthy and productive Filipino families.

Through franchising, THEGENERICSPHARMACY hopes to reach its dream of contributing to healthy and productive Filipino families. Company Objective
➢ To produce products made from branded preparations, effective yet low priced and attracted budget conscious consumers party because its shops are usually located near more established drugstore that carries branded medicines. ➢ Lower costs relative to key competitors.

➢ Growth in earnings.
➢ Wider geographic coverage than rivals.
➢ Higher levels of customer satisfaction than rivals.
➢ To increase the company’s role in relations to social responsibility.

Organizational Chart

Fig. 1.1

This figure shows the organizational chart of The Generics Pharmacy.

Site Map

-Volets Comml Bldg. Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-way Dasmarinas, Cavite

Fig. 1.2

This figure shows the sitemap of The Generics Pharmacy

General Objective

➢ This project aims to give The Generics Pharmacy easy access to the monitoring of their inventories and flow of sales with high accuracy and lessens unavoidable human errors; update records of sales transaction for financial statement purposes; strengthens arrangements for compiling, archiving, updating, and managing inventories; and enhance technical capacity for preparing inventories.

Specific Objective

➢ To make inventory checking easier.

➢ To make the inventory preparation system sustainable

➢ To make all files and transactions accessible by all Staffs

➢ To improve the quality of inventory (consistency, comparability, completeness, transparency, accuracy)

➢ To improve the speed of checking in received shipments and checking out sold goods, and reduces the chance of human error.

➢ To track and analyze inventory properly

➢ To eliminate avoidable expenses like overstocking, over billing, and shrinkage.


This system is capable of doing the following:

➢ Record and Monitor Sales
➢ Monitor flow of Sales and Details
➢ The software is capable of EDI (electronic data interchange).

➢ The software has an integrated or third-party "open to buy" application.

➢ Security/Secured files

➢ The software generates automatic purchase orders.

➢ The software shows stock levels and sales history right on the purchase order screen

➢ Possibility to create planning transactions and to clone invoices

➢ It has receiving and shipping functions, generates invoices, sales receipt.

On the other hand, this system is incapable of doing the following:

➢ As POS terminal it is not able to handle the cash register function, generating change to be returned, handling credit card/ debit card payments, PIN number handling or the cash back facility for customers are absent.

➢ Cannot Correct Input from Human Error

➢ Limited function in the leveling for securing files.

Problem Definition & Identification

THEGENERICSPHARMACY is a drug store that sells generic medicines. Through years of operation, they had encountered problems in reducing and managing inventory levels. They...
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