Research Paper: Content Analysis of Nine Creative Concepts Found in Magazine Advertisements.

Topics: Scientific method, Communication studies, Media studies Pages: 5 (1386 words) Published: September 19, 2012
This research is a quantitative, cross-sectional, exploratory and descriptive content analysis of selected advertisements from two different magazines published in August 2012 using the nine different creative concepts as main emphasis. 2 RESEARCH CRITERIA

The main research problem deals with the use of creative concepts in advertisements which is a mass media issue and therefore contributes to the existing knowledge in communication studies. The issue is also of interest to the researcher as a media studies student. The main issue is researchable because it can be resolved by the collection of evidence. The research is feasible as the magazines relating to the problem area of the research are within the means of the researcher. In this research inter- coder reliability which addresses ethical acceptability is maximised by the fact that the focus of assessment is the manifest content of advertisements rather than the latent or connotative levels. Furthermore the advertisements were randomly selected from August 2012 issues of Destiny and True love magazines to avoid any bias in sampling.

Different creative concepts are used in advertisements which are a major form of communication in business. These advertisements are often if not always, found in magazines which are readily available throughout the world. As a result the issue occurs widely and is prevalent world-wide. Two different South African magazines from the same month will serve as the sources for the research conducted. The eight selected advertisements found in August 2012 issues of Destiny and True Love magazines will be discussed. The Destiny and True Love magazines are selected because they represent a wide range of readership and demographic categories in South Africa. The August issue of the magazines is selected because the research is cross-sectional and is conducted during the month of August. 4 POPULATION

The target population are all magazines and all advertisements published in magazines. The accessible population are the August 2012 issues of Destiny and True Love magazines and all advertisements found in these magazines. Population characteristics relating to the research are the different creative concepts, text, language used/not used and pictures of advertisements. The units of analysis are creative concepts found in advertisements.

Assumption: Different advertisements use different creative concepts Sub-issue: Do different advertisements use different creative concepts? Assumption: Types of products advertisements use the same creative concepts Sub-issue: Do types of products use the same creative concepts? Assumption: Each advertisement applies more than one creative concept Sub-issue: Does each advertisement apply more than one creative concept? Assumption: Branding is the creative concept found in all advertisements Sub-issue: Is branding found in all of the advertisements?

The goal of this study is applied research since the researcher wants to determine the characteristics of creative concepts in selected advertisements thereby adding to the existing knowledge in communication. The objectives of the study is to explore and describe the use of different creative concepts by different advertisements, the use or non-use of the same creative concepts by types of products, the application or non-application of more than one creative concepts in advertisements and the use or non-use of one particular creative concept in all advertisements. 7 RESEARCH QUESTIONS

• Which creative concepts are used in selected advertisements? • Which types of products used the same creative concepts in selected advertisements? • Which selected advertisements used more than one creative concept? • Is there any particular creative concept which is found in all advertisements? 8 THEORETICAL APPROACH

The theoretical approach in this research...
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